The Nipplettes Vibrating Clamps from Babeland are a cheap, unexpectedly good product. I really didn't think I'd love them as much as I did!

These 1-speed clamps are controlled by a push button and are surprisingly powerful. Each Clamp comes equipped with 3 watch-sized batteries already inserted and 6 additional batteries are included which is beyond great, especially if you play with these often- and trust me, you'll want to!

They're plastic and are coated in a silky smooth rubber-cote finish. They open wide and thankfully, have an adjustable screw. If you're someone who wants a nice and tight grip, simply undo the screw entirely. However, if you're someone who doesn't want something as intense or would prefer to use the clamps on their clitoris, simply open the jaw and screw the screw all the way in.

They don't really have much of a bite to them, even after removing the screw entirely. The spring that opens the mouth of the screw is fairly loose and the point where the two clips meet is at the very tip, which is an almost guaranteed promise that they won't grip enough of your nipple surface to really give you a nice pinch. All that doesn't matter though if you're just looking for a nice vibrating toy that stays in place. These are more of a really great nipple toy as opposed to a BDSM implement.

The Nipplettes unfortunately, also have a tendency to droop. The bottom clip of the clamp is fairly thin and lightweight whereas the top part of the clamp (batteries, electronic parts) is heavy and bulky. These will pull downward if you use them on just your nipples and don't include a little bit of areola. However, if you clamp some excess skin along with your nipple, you'll have a tighter grip and the Nipplettes stay horizontally aligned.

Besides being phthalates-free, California Exotic also touts them as waterproof. I rarely bring sex toys into the bath or shower with me so I didn't test them out in the bathroom- however, when washing them (especially if you decide to use one on your clitoris) I was able to leave it under the tap for a few seconds without any water getting into the battery compartment. To clean simply use soap and water or an antibacterial toy spray.

Overall, the Nipplettes Vibrating Clamps are GREAT. I love the smooth exterior texture and I love that their vibrations are so powerful. They're on sale too- at only $28.80, they're a must-have for sex toy lovers and nipple lovers alike!