Sweet Spot video review from Sleeping Dreamer for SheVibe.
(I wanted to try something different with the video. Instead of listening to me drone on for hours, I'm showcasing the toy with subtitles. It's just a minute long so it doesn't require a lengthy commitment. Check it out!)

If you've never been to SheVibe, it's an adult toy site worth visiting. I found them at the insistence of a message from BigTeazeToys on Twitter. Once I hit their homepage, I was hooked. They offer a huge selection of sex toys for incredible prices. They also have an extensive collection of lingerie in both regular and plus size, and you know me, I love lingerie.

The Sweet Spot by Vibratex is an unbeatable rabbit style vibrator. With fresh batteries, this will not disappoint those that love powerful rotating vibes. It's also very girthy, at 5" around, this is a toy that will have Size Queens raving. I rarely use lubricant but I had to with the Sweet Spot. A few dribbles of water-based lube and I was well on my way to falling in love with this awesome toy.

Insertion was a little hard. Due to the robust shaft and my unwilling vaginal opening, I had to cram this bad boy inside. The material on the shaft has a LOT of give, it's very soft and comfortable, and it compacts a little to help make insertion easier. From the first moment of penetration, I wanted all of this vibrator inside of me. When the Sweet Spot was finally fully inside, my muscles kept contracting to push it out, I've never really experienced that with a toy to such an extent before, and I have to say, I rather liked it.

Once past the very plump, well defined head that is absolutely delicious to both look at and plunge into your pussy, the 5" insertable shaft has ribbing to help to stimulate your vaginal walls. The shaft is also flexible and can be manipulated to reach and stroke your g-spot. This vibe rotates and it rotates well. This has MAD power and it spins around at a very fast rate (watch the video!)- You're able to feel every motion and every turn, the shaft also does not lock up if you squeeze your PC muscles, it will charge on ahead if your vaginal walls contract against it.

While the rotations were great, I wanted to thrust with this incredibly realistic feeling vibrator. Pushing the rotation slider all the way down, I bumped up the clitoral vibrations and began to pump the vibe inside my vagina. From the first thrust, it rubbed against my g-spot and felt so very good. This was a toy that made me feel full and the soft, padded shaft simulated PIV (penis in vagina) sex better than any other vibrator I've tried. The sculpted head worked wonders inside and with a little clitoral coaxing, I was able to have a g-spot within a few minutes of thrusting. What I loved most was the feeling of being stretched- sometimes when this occurs with toys of harder materials it's uncomfortable, but with the plush padding of elastomer, it was a sensation that I fell in love with.

The clitoral stimulator was a little corpulent and fleshy, it felt like a powder puff sitting atop the vibe. Unfortunately, because of how thick it was, the vibrations weren't nearly as powerful as they could have been- it seems the overabundance of elastomer used to craft the clitoral stimulator snuffed them out a little. It was easy to place the entirety of it across my clit but the vibrations were lackluster compared to the power of the shaft's rotating ability.

The only other negative I could possibly find to complain about this phenomenal vibrator, is that the elastomer has a tendency to dry out. While it was still very soft when I opened the box, it seems the vibrator had been exposed to air and elements and the skin-like surface was dry and cracked. The material reminded me of my husband's hands after a long day of work- while they're still somewhat soft, they're also rough and dry. This visual imperfection didn't alter the functionality of the vibe, it just made me long for a smoother finish.

There's no doubt about it. This is a big, filling vibrator. The soft texture of the Elastomer was a nice change of pace- it's like cyberskin but without the phthalates and porosity. The Sweet Spot hit all the right spots and it's perhaps one of the best rabbit style vibrators I've ever been fortunate to try. Thank you VERY much, SheVibe!

Check out the Sweet Spot along with other great new sex toys at www.SheVibe.com!
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