Caps are totally necessary for this review title. The Luna Beads from PinkCherry is without question, the best sex toy I've reviewed in a while. I love this PC exerciser/pleasure tool so much and I think it may be because they serve more than one purpose.

First off, I need a vaginal exerciser, while my PC muscles aren't quite as weak as they were a year ago, I still need to exercise them every day. I've only used these for a week and I can't tell too much of a difference, however, I've certainly received the psychosomatic response I was hoping for... which in turn has led to a lot more confidence in the bedroom! I wear these for hours at a time so I'm positive my PC muscles will be a lot stronger in a few short weeks. I've sworn by my Kegelcisor Enhansor for over a year but I've gotten bored of it, the Luna Beads are a great new exerciser and one that I can actually wear and for an extended period of time! Not being tied to only using these in bed or at home in private really frees up a lot of your time. You can multi task, run errands, and do what needs to be done while exercising your PC muscles at the same time- these are the perfect sexual tool for a busy woman with a hectic life.

The very first time the Luna Beads arrived, I cramped and I cramped hard. I have PCOS and Endometriosis and they did not agree with me. I don't know if it was just a flare-up that day or what, but they were painful and I couldn't wear them for longer than 15 minutes. Recently, I've been able to wear these through an entire "work" day... 7 hours, 12 hours. I love to wear them driving, while I'm exercising at home, and when I'm out shopping. However, whenever I try on clothes there's always that fear they'll slip out even though I'm wearing full coverage bikini briefs.

As the balls are weighted, they naturally want to slip out. I love that feeling of having to squeeze my hardest to keep them inside. I've experienced a singular ball slipping out, however, when two are inserted inside the silicone girdle they will slink down to my vaginal opening but never go past it. As they near my opening, the hard ABS plastic ball coupled with the rough retrieval string can be uncomfortable and feel like you're being pried open. Simply rush to the nearest bathroom and push them back up inside. LELO recommends to start off with one pink bead first as it only weighs 28g compared to one blue bead that weighs 37g. When finally you're ready, insert both blue beads into the silicone girdle for a combined weight of 74g.

The feeling of the weights rolling around inside of their beads is absolutely sublime. Every time I take a stride I get a little turned on. I've noticed since starting to use the beads my nipples have become more sensitive. Not quite sure why.. maybe all the right spots of my vagina are finally being stimulated and it's sending my hormone levels into overdrive. What I do know for certain is that I love the way the Luna's weights feel moving around inside of me- whatever side effects come from using these, I'll relish every single one of them.

LELO has really solidified its place in my sex toy collection and in my heart. This manufacturer doesn't just produce quality sex toys that women want, they produce pleasure tools that I feel I need and like I couldn't live without. I love the Luna Beads, they exercise my PC muscles and feel so very, very good in the meantime.

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