I just realized next month is my anniversary. Funny how easily I forget life events. To be exact, it's our 5 year wedding anniversary... Crap. lol.

One website is telling me to expect "wood". Apparently, that's the 5 year theme. So either a garden bench or a Welsh love spoon is coming my way. Exciting! lol. I'll tell ya though, all I want is a night away with my husband. We haven't had a weekend to ourselves in 2 years. Can you believe that? We haven't had a babysitter watch our son over night in 2 years... damn, no wonder we're so desperate to move somewhere where there's family.

SO our anniversary is all about us and our celebration of each other. Five years is just a drop in a bucket for some, however, for me and my pre-polyamorous ways it's a huge day. I used to be very noncommittal. No matter how much I enjoyed a partner I still had a roving eye. Something changed the day I met my husband. I don't know what it was, I think I'll rely on 'magic'. I'm still in love with him, it's not quite as honeymoonish as it was the year after we got married, but there are still sparks and a flame has continued to burn bright.

That photo is from our wedding day. I swore I'd never wear white.. I also swore I wouldn't be pregnant. I was three months along and quite unable to hide it. You'd figure a baby would be a surefire way to achieve a ring but that wasn't why I wanted it. He asked me and I accepted- it's not that the moment was right either, it was because he was right. I have yet to meet another person that makes me feel as giddy and solid as my husband does. He keeps my head on straight but he still lets me go off and daydream fantasies of white knights riding bareback on a strong and noble steed. A little too Danielle Steel? Maybe? Just a bit...

Hows the sex now compared to when we were first together? Well, I won't lie- it's not as spectacular. When you're still in that "new" phase, mystery remains and you try your damndest to show off any sexual skillz you may have. Now, I admit, I'll just lay back and let him do all the work. We schedule sex and many a time we've fallen asleep before the fun even started. But the sex is different now. We share an emotional and spiritual bond. It's not just about the dripping wet pussy and the hard throbbing cock- it's about the soul connection. If there is such a thing as soul mates I truly believe he's mine.

But all the talk of romance and love doesn't mean things are perfect. We've had a lot of fights and we've had a lot of bad luck. He handles it no better than I, we've gone through loss and a lot of unforeseen events have occurred. This has been far from a fairytale but we've held strong through the trials, errors, and pain. We make it work- meaning I cry and he says he's sorry. I love him... go ahead and check out my HNT from last Thursday and maybe you'll see why. ;)