There are so many things about me that I just pick apart. I hate this, I hate that.. but one thing I love is my hair. I take immensely great care of it when I let everything else fail and fall apart. I do it myself, a professional has not touched it in well over a year and I prefer it that way. I head to Sally Beauty and spend $15 for professional dye, developer, and a mixing bottle. At the salon I used to frequent I'd spend $125 and it wouldn't look as good. If you have any questions on how to do it yourself please feel free to ask!

Currently, it's 30". I'm hoping to revisit 40+ inches again, it should only take a few months to get there. It hasn't always looked so wonderful. During my pregnancy it fell out and last year it fell out too due to PCOS. It's finally growing back in nice and thick and I'm 'to the moon' happy.

And yes, this week is a click through.