Many years ago, before kids ever became part of my life's equation or chatrooms became a hub for NSA sex, I decided to try something a little different.

One night my partner decided, I'm not sure how or why, that we should meet up with another couple for sex. This was uncharted territory, brand new. We trolled the local Yahoo chatrooms until we found the right couple, they weren't exactly right but they were 'right now'. They were older- he was in his 40's and she was in her early 30's.. and I, well I was in my late teens. The best part was coming up with nicknames for ourselves, I was Meg- changing my identity much like I do when I become Sleeping Dreamer is a fabulous way to branch outside of my vanilla self and do the things I've always wanted to.

I was nervous as hell and I certainly had good reason to be. This was sketchy, everything just felt so strange, but it was all a little exciting too. We drove the 45 minutes into the city and he tried his best to prepare me. He promised that if anything got too far out of control or they weren't whom they claimed to be that he had a gun in his glove compartment.

Did I mention this partner of mine was also married? I'm not a perfect person and clearly there's no excuse for why I was with him, but in my defense we were together for 2 years and he married his wife a year into our relationship when I moved to a different state.

We arrived and parked across from their apartment complex at the spot we agreed to meet.
They walked up, she didn't look anything like her picture- she was about 100 lbs heavier (and while I never judge) I felt cheated and lied to. I had wanted my first experience with another couple to be "perfect" but it seems like everything was just so wrong.

So they invited us into their apartment. I was wearing my summer shorts and a see-thru white dashiki
and the husband's eyes were on me like fly paper. My partner tried to break the ice by asking questions- had they ever done this before? no. I remember the husband brought out a DVD and I was shocked. A DVD? Wow, they must have money. And it was porn on DVD? Wow. I remember that their apartment was immaculate with perfect white carpeting, she offered us soda and cookies, I declined, I was too nervous to speak but my partner was right at ease as if he had done this a million times.

We all discussed porn, my partner brought up 70's porn and I was completely out of my element. They had intelligent speak and I could only nod my head completely clueless to what they were talking about. He discussed his bisexuality (which was new information to me that night as well.. along with his past in swinging), he talked about his adventure with group sex, and the precautions to safeguard against STI's with all the swinger couples in our state. He talked about the local swinger's chapter and even a local club that I never knew existed. There was an entire world that I had yet to discover.

And then it all happened, I'm not sure how. My partner talked about me like I was the perfect trophy, even compared me to his lackluster wife (the couple looked immediately at one another as if he said he had come there to talk to them about his friend, Jesus). I think they were just shocked that not only was he married but he had a mistress. And he took off my top, showed them my ample breasts, my flat stomach, and he basically laid me out like a platter.

The wife changed into negligee and the husband stripped down to his boxers, pulling his cock out through the slit in the front. My partner took down his pants and had me start sucking his cock for them to watch, he dominated me in front of them making me feel weak and helpless and my pussy started to drip. My body felt electric, their eyes were on me and it was fantastic. I loved being on display.

The wife sat down on the couch and opened her legs. I had never tasted another woman before and she was bitter- in the car on the way back, my partner referred to the taste as "GC", garbage cunt. She truly tasted awful. She had labia that hung like curtains, the only female genitalia I had ever become accustomed to was my own, and hers were foreign territory that I did not want to become acquainted with. She moaned these high pitched little squeaks and I wanted her to stop. But she moved her trembling hands to my head and she wound my hair around her fingers. She told me I had the most beautiful hair she had ever seen, so long and perfect. It was an intimate moment with the completely wrong couple and perhaps one of the best compliments I'd ever received... if only it had been someone else telling me such wonderful things. She also told me that no one had ever eaten her that way before, I almost blurted out that I was probably the first person to ever eat her out, the smell was nauseating and the taste stayed in my mouth for what seemed like a week afterward.

I moved from the wife and onto the husband. I knew he wanted me, his cock was stiff from watching me devour his wife. My body was young and taut, he probably hadn't touched such a young woman since he himself was in his late teens, early 20's. I stroked his cock, I didn't want to suck him and I didn't want to take him into me after I noted large bumps at the base of it. My partner kept urging me to do more while he kissed the wife but I was jealous and I was wary of what those lumps on the husband's balls were. I cared for my partner and there he was working on the wife like she was a car getting a tune up and here I was, stuck with the awkward husband and his questionable bumps.

My partner rescued me, he could tell from the pleading in my eyes that I wasn't prepared for this sort of lifestyle. It was exciting but I only wanted him, I didn't want another man plowing his raging hard-on into me. He pulled me down onto my knees and fucked me in front of them. Taking me from behind, pulling my lips wide open so they could watch him take all of me. The husband and the wife mildly touched one another as my partner thrusted his hard cock into me. And then he came and it was time to go.

The couple didn't interact with us, we took the initiative on every activity and I'm sure over the years the story has become diluted and watered down. I'm sure a lot more interesting things happened in that apartment but I don't remember them. What I do know is that my partner and I got into a fight as we drove back to the country. It was a night that reminded me that I wanted him and didn't want to share him, with a stranger's wife or with his own wife. He ended up returning to his house reeking of perfume and the next day discovering my hair band in his car, having to throw it out before his wife found it.

What ever happened to that couple? They got divorced. The husband actually remarried 6 months later to an 18 year old. How do I know this? I ended up taking a job where he worked (he was a security guard at a department store) and his very young and pregnant wife was a cashier. Whenever we'd pass each other in the halls he'd glance at me as if he couldn't quite place where he knew me. I smiled that secret smile that meant I had a big secret. I ended up seeing less and less of him around the store and he eventually quit. He was a reminder that I couldn't always get what I wanted... and maybe I was a reminder to him that you can always get what you want.

As far as the rotten smelling pussy and the strange ball bumps? I was tested after the fiasco and my results came up clean and clear. I can honestly say that I've never had an STD in my life and I'm very fortunate to skate by from that night. As far as my partner, he went onto other "mistresses" after I worked up the nerve to finally dump him so I have no idea what's become of his bill of health. I do know that my sexual health is a major roadblock into a swinging lifestyle with my partner, I don't know how you can completely assure that partners you engage with are clean. Do you require proof of STD tests? How does it work? Does anyone know?

I'd like to explore that lifestyle with my husband. While my first experience was not a perfect one, I think that within OUR marriage, there's a lot we can explore. While I am in no way prepared to share my husband with another woman sexually, I'd love to be able to have sex in front of other couples with him. I know some people say- what's the point of spending money on events and registration fees for swinger's clubs if you're not going to have sex with anyone besides your spouse? I see so many points to be had and it would add an unique element to our sex life. We've discussed it many times and the one thing stopping hubby is his self-consciousness over his body. He promised that once he loses 20 lbs that he'll explore that route. With the right partner I think I could truly discover a part of myself that I never knew existed, I know that I have the balls to try new experiences I just want to see if I have the heart to actually enjoy them.