Corsets are difficult lingerie. The ability to find one that fits perfectly comes down to a science; you have to be meticulous about measurements else you'll end up with a piece that you don't particularly care for. The Sexy Satin Corset and G-string from Edenfantasys has me absolutely torn on whether I love it or hate it.

This corset is undeniably beautiful. I like pink, I don't wear it often but when I do it really has to be something special. The black lace trimming around the heart shaped bust and vertical placements on the v-pointed bodice, gives it a slimming effect and a saloon girl flair. All you need is a hip holster with a Ruger New Vaquero revolver, ruffled skirts, and a dusty cowboy hat to complete the look.

I found that the Sexy Satin Corset was oddly shaped for my plus size body. The 1X measures 17" flat across and the rule of thumb with "genuine" corsets is to choose one that is 2" to 4" smaller than your waist size because it's designed to make your waist smaller. However, this is a fashion corset and will not lace up to waist train like true corsets do so I recommend choosing one closer to your current waist size else it may be too small.

This uses ribbon ties which resulted in my inability to get the kind of tight cinch that I have been able to with my other corsets that use "rope" or nylon cord. I was afraid that pulling too tight would either cause the ribbon to rip or fray or would damage the lacing holes in the back. I had to wear this fairly loose to prevent damage to the corset which caused the fabric to bunch up against my abdomen, sides, and back instead of laying flat against my body and molding to my shape.

The length of the corset is 14" in the front and 11" in the back. If you have a long torso and do not like shorter corsets you may be dissatisfied by this one. Because of the scalloped hem (the corset is not cut in a straight line across the bottom), this has a tendency to flair out at your hips if you do not have a molded fit. Personally, I love corsets that accentuate my hips, I think it really helps to define a feminine figure.

What I hated was that instead of prompting my breasts to pop out, it tried to flatten them down. I tried wearing this higher/lower on my waist in various ways because I really love to see the round tops of my breasts over corsets but that was very hard to achieve that with this particular one. I eventually gave up because this is meant to cover your breasts, even on Coquette's (the manufacturer) website both their regular sized and plus sized models were shown with the corset
modestly covering their breasts.

I also did not care for the busk closure as they have a huge tendency of popping out of place and opening unexpectedly. Trying to put this on while tightening the strings by myself was insanely difficult because the closures kept coming undone. I didn't want to enlist my husband's help because I wanted to "surprise" him and what he received was a woman in an ill fitting corset improperly laced that felt sloppy- I tried my best to tighten the corset to the best of my ability but I did not want to break the lacing holes or the ribbon and the damn thing kept popping open throughout the entire process.

There are no modesty panels in the front or back as the Sexy Satin Corset was designed to show a liberal amount of flesh. The 2 front bones feel like a thin metal while the rest of the boning is plastic. The plastic bones bend very easily so if you don't have a flat fit, they might jut outward causing your corset to bunch up in places.

The Sexy Satin Corset obviously comes with a g-string and it's absolutely adorable. They're very stretchy panties and will not dig into hips. They're comfortable when wearing under jeans and I love the way they sit low on your hips- because of how low they are, expect the back straps to flair upwards starting just below the top of your ass crack. Click this link to see the model from Coquette's website (you'll find this in the Diva collection) wearing the g-string and corset.

Unfortunately, I personally felt that I was unable to achieve a proper fit due to the plastic boning and the thin, ribbon ties- this corset really didn't feel like it was made for a plus sized women. I do not have the perfect body and until I have a flat abdomen, I'm afraid the Sexy Satin Corset will result in bulging and bunching every time I wear it.

Overall, the shiny pink satin is gorgeous and the black lace detailing is an exquisite touch, I honestly believe this would be a stunning piece for someone with a flatter abdomen and a thinner waist.

Check out for their other corsets and their huge selection of sex toys.

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product picture
Corset and panty set by Coquette
Material: Lace / Satin

How to Lace Your Corset (the Fancy Way)
First, study one side of the back of the corset. Count the number of eyelets from the top to the center-waist. If the number of eyelets is odd, start the lace from the underside. If the number is even, start from the outside. The steps below show lacing of odd number of eyelets. (If your corset has an even number, begin at step 1, do step 3, then step 2.) This may be a bit confusing, but we hope this helps.

These diagrams are drawn as if you are looking at the outside of the corset.

Step 1. Place the corset flat on a table. On this corset, we have an odd number of eyelets, so we will start the lace from the inside. Slip it through the top eyelets of the corset. Pull the lace through so that the horizontal lace is on the inside of the corset. Also, please make sure the two ends of the lace are even.

step 1

step 2

Step 2. Next, take the lace on the left side and cross it over to the right. Slip it into the eyelet. Make sure that the lace that crosses over forms a line that stays outside of the corset. Repeat this on the right lace. Notice that the strings are now on the inside of the corset. The secret is to form an "X" with the laces on the same side that the lace originated from.

Step 3. Now the laces are on the inside of the corset. Take the lace on the right side and cross it over to the left side. Pull the lace through the eyelet. Repeat on the left lace. This will form an "X" on the inside. Notice that the laces are on the outside now.

step 3

step 4

Step 4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you reach the waistline of the corset. This is where the puller-loop is created. The puller-loop is the loop of lace that you pull on to draw in the corset. Please note that the puller-loop MUST be on the outside.

Step 5. Take the left lace and slip it through the next eyelet down on the left side. This creates a loop on the outside of the corset. The remaining lace should now be on the inside. Now for the right side, take the right lace and slip it through the next eyelet down on the right side. The remaining lace should be on the inside.

step 5

step 6

Step 6. Now slip the left lace through the next eyelet on the right side. (Just like you did in step 3). Take the right lace and cross it over to the left side. This will form an "X" on the inside of the corset. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you reach the bottom. Adjust the slack in the laces so that you have around four to five inches of slack between the two sides.

Step 7. Tie off the bottom lace like you would your shoe. If you pull on the puller loops, the back of the corset should resemble the drawing on the right. See the "X's"? Notice that the corset is completely closed with no gaps between the sides. Now your corset laces are ready for tight lacing! Just make sure that there is about four to five inches of slack between the laces before you try it on to make it easier to get in.



Incorrect Method To the left is a drawing of what we called the "tennis shoe" method. Notice that the laces prevent the corset from completely closing. Also it takes much more strength to pull in the laces. That is because of the friction caused by the overlapping of laces. It does look pretty though.

If this isn't your preferred method to lacing a corset, simply lace it like you would a pair of sneakers. Starting at the waist and going towards the bust- the photographs shown starting at the bust and going towards the waist.