If you follow my blog than you know I love lingerie. I personally think my body needs a lot of work but I have a husband that appreciates pretty things as much as I do- so naturally, despite the stretch marks and bumps, I flaunt what motherhood has given me... uber curves.

When TabuToys emailed me to tell me they had just stocked the Gold/Black Satin Corset in XLARGE I immediately jumped on the chance to review it. I had previously just tried a corset by Coquette but I couldn't help myself in accepting TabuToys' wonderful offer, and I'm so glad my compulsory decision panned out.

The Gold/Black Satin Corset is beautiful. BEAUTIFUL. I absolutely adore it. No... I love it. It makes me wonder how I ever lived without it. Sure, I'm sucked into it tighter than a Jordan's hot dog and there's quite a bit of skin exposed in back but this really is the most beautiful piece of lingerie I own to date.

The satin is exquisite, it's not a cheap shiny or brassy gold, instead it's a little dull which makes it incredibly appealing- the color feels antique and the first time I saw it, I do believe I swooned. In between the gold are black brocade panels. The brocade is a stunning flower and vine pattern, it's very silky and in the right light, gives off a classy sheen.

The Gold/Black Satin Corset shares a few of the same negative issues as my previous corset; Initially, the busk closure wouldn't stay closed when trying to put the corset on, however, once it was on my body and molded to my curves, it didn't pop back open. It actually stayed closed as opposed to my other corset! *major relief* Also, the Gold/Black Satin Corset uses the same cheap ribbon laces.. but! they're extremely long... I want to say over 20 feet- I'm now 5'6" (used to be 5'7"- let's thank motherhood for this unfortunate curved spine) and I could put the ribbon from head to toe a total of 4 times. Because of the great length you can do a lot with the laces- I wore this several ways, with the ribbon tied around my waist and also double looped in the back- go here for a diagram of how to lace your corset (scroll to the bottom of the page).

The front of the corset is 14" long and the back is 10" long. Measuring flat across the corset is 15" and will fit a bust size of 38-40, however, it fit me and I wear a 42DD (but I had a large gap in the back). The Gold/Black Satin Corset comes pre-laced and it is absolutely GORGEOUS, the strings are tight and the loops are uniform in size. I unfortunately, had to undo the lacing and really wish I had taken a picture beforehand but I was so excited to get it on. If you're larger than the recommended size like I am, than it will take you about 20 minutes to undo the ribbon and re-lace your corset; Make sure to have some time to get ready if you're planning on surprising your someone special with this gorgeous piece of lingerie.

I absolutely love the Gold/Black Satin Corset and thankfully, TabuToys carries it in Sm, Med, Lg, and now XL. The quality surprised me, yes there is plastic boning in this but it molds to your curves and gives definition instead of fighting against whatever shape you've been blessed with. The satin has a faint, lovely shimmer and the brocade is the epitome of class- this is a remarkable fashion corset.

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