There is something amazing about an analgasm. The way my entire body tenses up, the way I grit my teeth, and buck my body backwards... and then the big explosion, ahhh. It's a good day when I can start it off covered in my partner's cum and my own. Of course, showering is required, but there's nothing like laying in bed afterward just enjoying the moment and the feeling of being so completely wet.

I've always loved anal beads and yet I've been so reluctant to buy them. I see the length and I say to myself, "You know, I won't really make use out of that entire thing, just an inch or two is all that's necessary." And then I'll contemplate a different, smaller toy and usually end up being dissatisfied with it. Thankfully, SheVibe made the decision for me and if they hadn't, I probably would have missed out an amazing toy.

The Sinfive Alterno Beads are beads that someone like me needs to work up to. I am not inexperienced at anal pleasures, I'm just the sort of person that prefers smaller toys for that particular kind of stimulation. These beads do start off small but the 5th bead is dangerous territory. It's much larger than the rest and something I'm not quite prepared to try.

The most important thing about these beads is that they have flair. They're not round little balls that slip right in, these are oblongs and what look like little planets- It's a solar system for your bum. The first two beads slip in nice and easy, however, the third is something you have to force inside. My husband helped me the first time around and it was a breeze for him to 'pop' them inward. I, however, have to coax my ass to open up to accept them when I use them on my own.

The Alterno Beads feel a little odd when going in and result in a VERY filling sensation even though the diameter isn't all that big. Once inside, they dig in and won't go anywhere until you forcefully pull them out. Removal has been very uncomfortable for me if I'm not careful. I have to go in stages, take my time with each bead and relax my sphincter to allow the expulsion. The varying widths would be awesome for someone more prepared and wanting to pull these out while having an orgasm, I unfortunately, am just not there yet.. when will I be? Who the hell knows; my ass is like a lock that requires a key, even if I find a key to fit into the keyhole, it does not necessarily mean it'll turn and open. I'm dying to be able to pull these out while I cum though, I hope it doesn't take too long until I get there.

As these beads are TPE, they're not that safe to share with a partner unless you cover them with condom which would be very tricky. TPE is phthalates-free, hygienic, body-safe, and compatible with both silicone and water-based lubes. I LOVE silicone lube for anal play- I've been stuck with Eros Bodyglide and Tantus plugs only for anal play, I'm glad I finally have something new to enjoy! The Alterno Beads are fun and funky, they're also an encouragement to keep trying and keep expanding my horizons of anal play.

These can be purchased at for $39.99- Be sure to check out their other phenomenally priced sex toys!

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