I have never been fortunate enough to dream about Jeffrey Dean Morgan, you know, the hottie from last weeks TFT? But last night I did.. and this was a sex dream! Minor detail I'd like to include- I wasn't one of the ones having sex.

So who did JDM have sex with? MY SISTER! We all went on vacation together and she was the one that ended up hooking up with him (repeatedly) and man, was I pissed. What a truly fucking awful nightmare- To finally get lucky enough to dream about him and he has sex with my sister.

I didn't get laid, although I was topless through about 75% of it and did have some dude following me around like he was in love with me.. but it was my husband not JDM, lol. I did get to tell him off, which is great because when I'm nice and awake I never just spout off at the mouth.

I still tell ya, it cuts like a knife. Jeffrey Dean truly is the one person that I'd leave my husband for- completely serious here. If JDM strolled into town and said, "babe, you're gorgeous", I'd drop my wedding ring on the ground, jump into his convertible, and drive into the sunset with him guilt free. lol. That must be why my husband hates him every time he comes on TV and was a little too happy when his character met an unexpected end in the latest movie of his we watched.

I have to say, I'm extremely excited to go back to bed tonight, I'm going to inundate my day with pictures of Jeffrey Dean to try and coax my brain into giving me a dream where I actually do get to have sex with him.. I'm tired of this carrot in a string shit and then someone else eating the damn thing.