Tantus makes truly exceptional products. What makes their products so fantastic is their unique blend of silicone- not only is it hygienic, hypoallergenic, or phthalatee-free, but it's also so pure that it's compatible with 100% silicone lubricants. Tried and true, the Duece 2 dildo from Tantus will not bond with Eros Original Bodyglide lube. After using with a liberal amount of Bodyglide, my new dildo from PinkCherry was still as right as rain. Nice!

This dildo is a meaty one, with a 5 inch girth it creates a very pleasant, full feeling. When pressing the dual head against my vaginal opening I found some initial resistance, however the tapered tip and the velvety texture of Tantus' unique silicone resulted in the ability to thrust easily and quickly.

This dildo has an insertable length of 6 3/4 inches and a total length of 7 inches making it practical for harness play. As the base is wide and flat, the Duece 2 holds flawlessly inside of an o-ring and will not cause your harness to sag or droop despite it's heft. The slot in the base of the dildo, intended for the packaged bullet, also makes it suction cup compatible- you can purchase one at Pink Cherry Sex Toys for only $29.99. The freedom to use your dildo against a shower wall or even a refrigerator is frankly, fucking cool.

The unique design of this dildo relies on its double-bubblesque design. While it looks a bit odd, it feels divine.
The rippled dual heads combined with the flexibility of the silicone dildo's shaft helped to stimulate my g-spot and within minutes I felt the urge to cum. This is a dildo that promises sensations and delivers, if you're craving a toy that will stimulate your g-spot and fill you up, the Duece 2 is an easy choice. The ability to rotate the dildo to either the topside (highly textured) or the underside (mildly textured) is a promising feature- I know there are times when some sensations just feel too intense and being able to customize my pleasure is something that I want in a toy- turning the dildo, as opposed to removing it entirely, will allow me to keep going instead of having to stop to take a penetration breather.

Packaged along with the Duece 2 is a waterproof mini bullet. This bullet is virtually silent and moderately powerful. The only downside to this complete package, is that the silicone shaft tends to dull the vibrations and they can be hard to feel.

As with all Tantus silicone dildos (check out the well priced massive selection at PinkCherry) that don't contain electronic parts- the Duece 2 can be boiled, bleached with a 10% solution, washed in a dishwasher without soap, or run under the tap with a soap/antibacterial and water combination. It's nonporous so it can be shared between partners, however, make sure to fully sterilize it before doing so.

This is a dildo that works well for either rough thrusting or gentle gliding. It's thick, meaty, and offers a textured design with a firm core. Despite the solid shaft, the Duece 2 still has flexibility to provide for maximum g-spot stimulation and the ability to hold well and thrust well inside of a harness.

The Duece 2 is one of the best dildos I've had the pleasure of sampling and further solidifies my faith in Tantus products. Check out PinkCherry for an incredible selection of sex toys including the Duece 2!

(Photos were taken before product was used.)