Anonymity is the most important thing to maintain- fuck dignity and propriety, the only thing I care about keeping is my name. When dealing as a Web Domme you come across a lot of tribute whores... the guys that like to give, these guys are my absolute FAVORITE. I can't tell you how much stuff I've got from Fredericks because of them. I love tributes, I wasn't a strictly Money Domme or mainly invested in Financial Domination but for a few months Money Domme's were all the rage - so, this is naturally the next installment into my Web Domme series, a nice lead up until we get to the bad parts.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of TW- time wasters. They'll try to entrance you through your instant messenger so you talk to them. Telling you they've bought stuff off of your Amazon wishlist or sent e-giftcards to your email when they haven't. They'll attempt to "trick" you into conversing with them for free. These guys are sometimes easy to spot- just through the way they type or by checking your email and realizing it's empty. One liners such as - "I won't talk to you again until I see the gift card in my email," will shut them up and keep your IM virtually pest-free... unless they're the persistent types.

But if you're lucky enough to have a regular that wants to spoil his Princess, well then, you've just hit the jackpot.

Let's break it down. The best gift cards to receive are Fredericks- say YES to anonymity and free lingerie. All you have to give out is your email address. There are several other e-tailers who provide such resources- was another website I got gifted through as a Jane Doe but only if my current penny pig was a big spender.

Discover e-gift Cards. From my experience, they need to know your first and last name. No way, I would never disclose my name. But I do know a lot of Dommes that had their pigs reload their cards whenever their balances went too low. They'd use these cards to pay bills or get manicures, etc.
Neiman Marcus
Bergdorf Goodman

Amazon you can get gifted through but I don't recommend it. Yes, I've known many Web Dommes that received thousands of dollars worth of crap from that website including electronics, but if you're trying to stay under the radar it's not a good way to go- I don't want to give out my address to some guy just to receive a pair of $50 pumps. While I value my anonymity I also value my safety. It's an unsafe practice to give someone your home address or even a PO box. If they have obsessive tendencies (I've come across several that didn't know what "NO" meant and had a stalker or two) than you potentially put yourself and your family in harm's way. They do have e-cards now, a much more viable option. I know of one top Money Domme who lists her PO box right on her website- lol. Please don't ever consider doing that- yes, goods are great but it's dangerous to list that on a public webpage than anyone can access.

You do NOT want a guy that wants to send you chocolates or flowers. It requires your name and your home address. That is privileged information, I don't even give that out when stores ask for my zip code. Retailers all think I live in 91436- Encino, California- and I want to keep it that way. I'm not an entirely private person but when it comes to being a Web Domme, you really need to keep close tabs on how much you reveal about yourself.

There's also Western Union & Money Gram. I don't recommend either of those as I've never heard a positive thing about using them for monetary transactions between slave and Queen.

So the lesson here... that you get perks, major perks if you find the right guys. It can get difficult though, when you get your first gift card you'll be hooked. You'll constantly crave the next and will waste hours of your day trying to get money and pretty things out of these guys. I can't tell you how many days I spent in front of my computer trying to manipulate men into sending me gift cards, those are hours I'll never get back. I will tell you- when you're NEW on the site you sign up to host through, you'll get a lot more gifts. Apparently, men aren't interested in old or overly experienced Princesses- in my experience, they want young and dumb and now.