I'm not a model, I don't have a model's body.. I'm a real woman; I have curves .. I have blemishes and stretch marks, and it just so happens that I have a big ass. I'm not perfect but that doesn't mean that I don't deserve lingerie that makes me feel sexy and The Dreamgirl Fishnet Halter Dress - QUEEN from Tabutoys, without question, made me feel sexy.

With lingerie, there always seems to be a
sizing issue. Well this little mini will fit an XL to a 3X, depending upon your height- the taller/curvier you are the less of a chance it will fit you- however, it has a LOT of stretch so I'm fairly confident it could fit up to a size 24. I have a long torso and I'm not stick thin, in my opinion it fit well as it covered all my bits and felt comfortable. It's designed to be short so as long as the back strap falls below your ass cheeks, you're golden.

The faux-vinyl panties, while having significant stretch to them, they were small (even on the featured size 12 model *I'm guessing she's a 12* they look too tiny). Of course, I'm not crazy about underwear that sits low on my hips so I may just be too crucial but I can't imagine they'd fit someone over a size 20. They had a tendency of digging into my hips and kept getting twisted and tangled. Of course, when you're messing around they're not going to stay the way they were when you first put them on.

This is lingerie that was actually designed to be worn, you can move around because the wide, thick fishnet has give. I know with some pieces you're stuck standing straight up or sitting stationary, this is a mini that you can actually have sex in. A bonus is the open ass gives your partner a reason to massage your ass while he's fucking you from behind. My husband slathered silicone lubricant all over my bum between thrusts and it reminded me of the Pina Colada Butt Lotion in Ladies Man. I went searching for some online and couldn't find any... go figure!

This fishnet is not like cheap pantyhose, it won't tear or rip easily. You can pull the mini over your head and if your fingernails catch the fabric it's really no biggie. Feel free to jump or dance around in this, it was made for movement. My husband is crazy about fishnet so naturally he fucked the shit out of me when he came home from work. This little mini took one hell of a beating and inspecting it after wild hands were pulling at it, it still looked perfect. It's comfortable, it won't dig into your skin but instead feels like a second skin, it feels natural and after a while, I forgot I was wearing.

The Fishnet Halter Dress has a v-neck halter style top that you can tie into a knot which will actually stay. The strings have spandex, you're able to really stretch them out, so you can tie them as tight as you need to and they'll hold your breasts up and in.

In the back there are three straps- a spaghetti strap that cuts across your upper back, a vinyl/fishnet strap that cuts across your lower back, and a vinyl/fishnet strap that cuts just below your ass cheeks. These straps are solid, I gave this mini absolute hell and afterward there wasn't any fraying or pulled stitching. Very solid construction.

Overall, I can't find any faults with the Fishnet Halter Dress from Tabutoys except for my own personal insecurities. If you have a belly roll or bulges, fishnet will expose that- this is a tight dress that will reveal every bump and imperfection, if you can get over that then you'll absolutely LOVE it. It's made very well and you can actually have sex in it. It's sexy and the contrast from matte black fishnet to shiny faux-vinyl will make you feel so very, very dirty. After the sex I had with my husband last night it has certainly earned a spot in my lingerie drawer!

$28.47 from Tabutoys.com, check out their other Queen and Regular sized lingerie and their huge assortment of sex toys!