I love vibrators.

Well, let me rephrase that....


That's better.

The Japanese G Spot Velvet Touch Squirmy from is a vibrator that I love. With some toys, I've had to use them a few times to really get the feel of them. This vibrator is easy and simple to master, it's also easy to figure out on the first go-round that this is a toy you want to use more than once. This isn't just another vibrator that's going to sit in the back of your drawer collecting dust- this is a toy that you're going to use until the motor burns out.

What sets this slim, dual action vibrator apart from the rest is not its powerful vibrations, its textured clitoral nub, or its liquid smooth silicone surface- it's the fact that it has all that AND the ability to rotate.

While the rotations don't seem all that wide or all that exciting, they add an extra something for when you're trying to achieve the big "O". 99% of the time I need penetration to get off, the Squirmy offers not only clitoral vibrations but penetration that includes vaginal rotations. This vibrator knows how to multi task.

There are so many features that keeps this from being just another ordinary rabbit style vibrator.... One of which is the clitoral nub; it isn't a flickering tongue or a creepy woodland animal that makes you feel like you're trapped in a perverted fairy tale- It's just a simple, fat appendage covered in 13 flexible nodules. These nodules, when pressed firmly against your clitoris, will literally send you to the brink of orgasmic insanity.

This is a powerful little vibe, I have a personal rule to never choose toys that require less than AA batteries but I broke it and I'm damn happy I did. It was a little intense a few times, I kept backing away from the pressurized pulsation but I decided to give in and just go with it. What happened was a big orgasm.. a big, happy, insane orgasm. Unfortunately, with its power, comes its loud motor. This vibrator can seem deafening for those that are trying to be discreet. Even the lowest setting will still have you turning on fans, layering blankets, and everything else you can do to soundproof your room.

The issues that I've had with this vibrator may seem large to some but in the scheme of things, I can live with them.

First, the thumb shaped shaft didn't hit my g-spot. This seems to be a common complaint amongst the friends of mine who own the Japanese Squirmy. To get it to rotate against my g-spot I had to manipulate it to the point where the clitoral nub no longer touched my clitoris or touched it in a way I didn't like. However, everyone's body is different, what was wrong for me may be right for you. Despite this vibrator's inability to stimulate my clit and g-spot at the same time, it felt good when plunged in as deep inside my vagina as possible (has an insertable length of 4 inches). While it didn't rotate against my elusive g-spot it did rotate against my vaginal walls, creating a blissful feeling of fullness.

Second, this vibe takes 3 AAA batteries. I can't express what a pain in the ass AAA batteries are. Thankfully, I own both rechargeable AA and AAA batteries so I had them charging before the package from PinkCherry even arrived. But those little bastards of batteries have a way of slipping away from you and falling behind beds. I got down on my hands and knees and practically scared the shit out of myself trying to reach under the bed for "the one that got away" when my cat pounced at me like, "Hey lady! You mind? I was sleepin' here."

Overall, this is a great dual action vibe at a great price of $39.99. It's powerful, it gets the job done, and it manages to look cute in the process.

Specifications from

  • Length - 8"
  • Insertable length - 4" at largest
  • Girth - 4 1/4" at widest
  • Width - 1 1/2"
  • Material - Siliconel
  • Powered by - 2 x AA batteries
  • Special features - Multi speed, phthalate free, non-phallic
  • Color - Pink

Manufacturer : Doc Johnson

Manufacturer Code : dj.1464.01