carries Dreamtoys fabulous line of glass toys. This was my first time trying a Dreamtoys Glassworks product and wow, I'm impressed.

What sets the Blueberry Twist Juicer Glass Dildo apart from other glass toys I own, is the highly intuitive design.

This dildo offers a tapered, bulbous head with a petal style indentation. It also offers hard swirling throughout the shaft and hard bumps at the flared base. On top of all that, it comes equipped with a handle for twirling or easy thrusting.

The biggest feature I'd like to point out is the length. It has a total insertable length of 4". I have a sensitive cervix, I get irritated by toys that are too long or tend to bang into my cervix when I try to thrust with them. The Blueberry Juicer is easy to thrust; I can go as hard as I want without having to take caution, because it's shorter length promises that it won't bump into my cervix anytime soon. To make thrusting even easier, it has an inch long handle. This is the first time I've been able to thrust wildly with a glass toy and it was awesome.

This is a fat mini dildo. It has a girth of 4.5" and a width of 1.5". The head is nice and bulbous which feels sublime when you push it past your vaginal lips. Once past the head, you'll reach the hard swirled shaft, which is unbelievable when it's being spun inside of your vagina.


This can be used either vaginally or anally as it is nonporous and has a flared base. The flared base isn't that large so if you do decide to use this anally, I recommend having a partner present. The bumps on the flared base add an unique sensation when the dildo is being rotated inside of you. Oh, and as a tip, I didn't much care to learn: be sure to shave, the bumps may pinch or pull at longer hair and it will hurt like Hell! lol.

I love temperature play- especially indulging of variations of hot and cold play. This dildo can be warmed up or chilled in a bowl or cup full of hot/cold water for 20 to 30 minutes. Because it is solid, it takes a few minutes to mimic the desired temperature.

As it's glass, I worry. It comes with a jewelry box for storage but that doesn't mean the toy is safe from harm. What happens between taking it out of the box and putting it back in the box is anyone's guess. I've dropped toys on occasion and fortunately, they were never glass toys. BUT if you do and it does break (DreamGlass won't shatter or splinter, instead it will break into large chunks) Dreamtoys offers a LIFETIME REPLACEMENT WARRANTY! It's only good one time though, so if you do break yours contact them right away to get it replaced. They will also replace your toy if it chips or cracks- it has supreme construction so I can't imagine that would happen anytime in the near future.

The Blueberry Twist Juicer led to an orgasm that trumped all others that I've had with glass toys. This dildo offers so many unique and fun features, I'm beyond impressed! The hard swirls coupled with the hard bumps makes this a textured toy that I will want to use again and again. I'm a very, very lucky girl.

NOTE: This toy CAN be shared between partners as glass can be boiled for sterilization. You can also wash it with a 10% bleach solution or in the top rack of a dishwasher without soap. It's hygienic, nonporous, phthalatee-free.