When I saw the Pink Flower glass dildo on PinkCherry I thought to myself, "how perfect." I like the color pink, you won't catch me wearing it anytime soon but there's something calming about a soft pastel.... needless to say, I found this dildo to be very beautiful and the flower placed inside of the mushroom tip was pure icing on the cake. (Don Wands even finds the Pink Flower to be one of the most beautiful pleasure wands they've ever created... and it is, it really is!)

First off, I'd really like to stress that this is a highly textured dildo. If you're looking for a toy with a smooth shaft than this isn't the one for you. However, if you're looking for something that promises intense sensations- you'll love the Pink Flower. When I first saw this double-ended dildo I thought I was prepared for the nubs, my first time using it however, reminded me to never presume anything... especially when it comes to sex toys. It was pretty intense.

This is a double ended dildo. One end is a pointed tip resembling the head of a penis and the other is a bulbous mushroom tip. The tapered tip makes for absolutely easy insertion, a little bit of lube will go a long way. The mushroom tip however, makes for a meatier insertion that feels thick and bubbly, you'll find you need to "push" the dildo inside rather than feel it glide in effortlessly, as with the pointed end. Once past either heads, you're greeted by a nub covered shaft- 6 rows of 5 nubs equates to 30 total which are spaced 1/4th of an inch apart. This isn't a shaft with variations of smooth and bumpy, it's bump after bump- there's really no time to rest in between each set of nubs unless you play around with the smooth ends of the dildo. However, if you like to insert your toys deeply the nubs will be a huge part of your play.

The nubs had a tendency of sinking into my vaginal walls which made thrusting with the dildo a little uncomfortable. I've been having trouble with lubrication lately, I'm blaming it on being back on birth control, but even with an overabundance of both the included sample lubricant and Kama Sutra's Love Liquid (which may just be the best water-based lube I've ever tried.. we'll get to that review on another day) it still wasn't enough. It was just very textured which unfortunately, made it unpleasant at times... I won't lie. I may just be too sensitive, I didn't really think I preferred smooth toys as I do love a dildo with a good amount of punch, but the Pink Flower's shaft spawned sensations that I wasn't prepared for. The best way to combat the unpleasant thrusting sensations was to leave the dildo stationary and rotate it back and forth so that the nubs tickled my vaginal opening and slowly spun against my vaginal walls. It wasn't as intense and made for play that was easy to withstand despite my increased sense of sensitivity.

I will say, the nubs have extra benefits. Using this dildo externally against your clitoris is divine. The texture mixed with the slick, cold glass and a lot of lubricant makes for a really great clitoral/labia massage. I was in 7th heaven as I lazed back in my bed against all my bed pillows and slowly moved the shaft against my engorged clitoris. It was enough to make me want to cum and I'm truly surprised I didn't. The nubs are also delicious when you play around at your vaginal opening. Dipping the dildo in just a little was sensational, the feeling of the bubbly mushroom tip coupled with a little bit of the nubby shaft had every nerve standing at attention. It was wild!

The Pink Flower has a total length of 7 inches with a girth of 4 1/2" at it's thickest point and 3 1/4" at it's thinnest point. This really isn't a thick dildo, in fact, it's rather slim compared to most toys I own. The nubs however, make this dildo feel bigger than it actually is and turn it into a toy with undeniable character. I didn't think the 1 1/4 inch width would be enough to satisfy me but it was.

There are a million glass toys on the market. What seperate the Pink Flower from all the rest?

  • Quality- Don Wands craftsmanship is exceptional. This is a solid, weighty dildo with an unbelievably silky finish.
  • Presence of Perfection. The flower is beautiful, it's placed perfectly inside of the mushroom tip, looking as if it blossomed inside. Also, the pink and clear variations of colored glass are seamless.
  • A Real Storage Solution. The Pink Flower comes with a very thick puffy, pink drawstring that protects the dildo from harm. I've tried many glass toys that came with thin satin bags or flimsy cardboard boxes that did little to keep it safe.

The benefits of glass are many:
  • Cleanliness: The Pink Flower is made from Borosilicate glass (more commonly known as Pyrex) which is commonly used in the medical/science field. They're nonporous so they stay germ-free. Your new dildo can be boiled on the stovetop for 3 minutes, run through the dishwasher without soap, cleaned with a 10% bleach solution, or washed with a soap/antibacterial toy cleaner and water combination.
  • Durability: The Pink Flower will last more than a lifetime when properly cared for. The premium glass is extremely durable and will not scratch easily. Medical grade borosilicate glass is more resistant to breaking than most traditional glass formulations. This glass will not shatter, instead it will break into large chunks making clean up easier. Inspect your dildo before and after use- if it's chipped or cracked do not use it.
  • Hypoallergenic: The Pink Flower is perfect for someone that suffers from rubber or plastic allergies.
  • Lubrication Friendly: The Pink Flower is compatible with all lubricant types. There is even a sample pack of WET® Platinum Lubricant included!
  • Warmed or Cooled: The Pink Flower is great for thermal play. It can be easily warmed in a bowl of warm water or cooled in a cup of cold water or placed in the fridge. Don Wands does not recommend putting your new glass dildo in the freezer. The Pink Flower takes only a few minutes to warm up (just one minute of running it under the hot water made it warm to the touch and it stayed that way from start to finish.)

Overall, this is a high quality, textured double-ended glass toy. It's a solid dildo with an undeniably silky smooth finish and the ability to warm up to your body temperature within just a few minutes. The Pink Flower dildo is beautiful and absolutely unique, it's an one of a kind toy.

Remeber, the Pink Flower is just one of the many glass sex toys offered on PinkCherry, they also have a promising selection of Don Wands toys so if the Pink Flower is not the exact dildo you're looking for, you're bound to find the right one there!

As with all Don Wand dildos- each one is different, the flower in the mushroom tip of my dildo is quite different from the one on both Pink Cherry's adult toy site as well as Don Wands site so you can consider your toy a collector's item because you'll never find an exact replica of it!
Retails for $39.99.