I've always said that I'm vanilla. I decided last week, hey, it may have tasted great in the past but now it seems a little bland. I would rather be a twist cone than just straight up vanilla. So, John over at Vibrator.com and I picked the perfect product from their huge selection of sex toys to mix it up- the Tantus Ball Gag.

I love Tantus, their products are absolutely exceptional. While I've never been heavily into BDSM, this little gag has provided me with a big opportunity (and not just a photo opportunity for you fine folks!) but the opportunity to explore outside of my comfort zone. Okay, so it really isn't that little (I'd say maybe the size of a golf ball). It was a tad hard to get into my mouth but of course I've never been able to open my jaw very wide (My husband cries over this because my blow jobs are a little half-assed). While this gag was larger than most things I put in my mouth, it really wasn't as bad an oral insertion as I thought it would be.

The first thing I did after I got the gag out of the box was boil it. 3 minutes on the stove top did the trick. I plucked it out of the pot with tongs and set it in a bowl for a few minutes to cool down.

I ran upstairs and met my husband in anticipation. He seemed a little restless, he's the type of guy that likes to be gentle- he's a big so he can hurt a girl easily and he's always takes special steps to be extra careful. A new experience with something that so prominently screamed, "BDSM!" had us both a little nervous, we were completely out of our element.

We hesitated; should I put it on or should he? Should we go with quick and easy, where I have a little bit of control until the last possible minute? Or something a little more intimate? I decided to just put it on myself, knowing him, he would have pussyfooted around making sure none of my hair got tangled in the velcro.

It was easy to put on! I brought both sides to the back of my neck and aligned the Velcro straps. The gag didn't have any odor or any taste. It felt velvety smooth in my mouth and it didn't hinder my ability to swallow the excess saliva it caused. I figured it would be a tight fit but the tapered shaft made it so I could easily move my lips over it, it was like a giant pacifier. I had room to breathe, if the straps were any looser I probably would have been able to spit it out with a little tongue manipulation.

My husband tightened it up since I could still talk a little (half of what came out of my mouth sounded like Esperanto but he got the gist). As it got tighter and as I thought about such a large object in my mouth, my gag reflex kicked up a little. Feeling like you need to expel something from the back of your throat is one of the worst feelings in the world but I braved through it because this was all part of the exploration process. The leather straps were surprisingly comfortable and smooth against my skin. My hair did not get crimped by the straps nor tangled up in the velcro (major PLUS!).

He bound me up, being in the Navy he knows his knots, and away we went. Even though the ball gag was tighter than when I initially put it on, I was still able to open my mouth to scream- the only way I fought the urge to cry out was when the ball would go into the back of my throat and bring those awful waves of nausea and feelings of "must puke..now".

The silicone is flexible, it moves with your mouth and is actually fairly comfortable. It feels good to lay your tongue against; Tantus' premium blend of pure, phthalatee-free, hypoallergenic silicone is so absolutely silky, it helped to make the experience a lot more pleasant than it could have been. You can remove the leather straps and boil the ball, wash it with a 10% bleach solution, or put it in the top rack of a dishwasher. Since you're putting it in your mouth, I really prefer the stove top, it makes it a cinch to clean and also inspires you to sterilize your other silicone toys.

Regardless all my audible screaming, I also bit down on the gag, quite a few times. After my husband kindly removed it from my mouth I inspected it- there weren't any visible bite marks! And I bit that thing like I was Doberman and it was a mailman (I wonder... if I bit my mailman maybe he'd start leaving my packages at my doorstep instead of being lazy and putting slips in my mailbox, making me drive across town to pick them up? Hmmm..). Nonetheless, it still looked perfect- afterward, before, and during.

As my very first gag, I'm quite happy with the Tantus Ball Gag. We had a lot of fun, even though we were beyond nervous. This is an attractive gag, while it didn't snuff out my screams, it did keep me from talking my husband's ear off... well, that is until he took it off.

$32.00 at Vibrator.com- Be sure to check out their other restraints, oral and non!