There should always be fun and games in the bedroom, what those games are depends on you... but I found 25 fairly fun ones with the Sex Casino from Babeland sex toys.

This is the first game for adults I've ever received, sure, my husband and I have flirted with fuzzy dice and those naughty fill-in-the-blank gift cards that you usually receive on Valentine's Day, but the Sex Casino really allowed us the freedom to kick back and enjoy.

Each game has a rating (quickie- marathon), time duration (5-20 minutes), and includes skill levels with stars indicating if it requires luck or skill.

The first game we tried, just for the hell of it, was
Rock, Paper, Scissors- it has a 1 star quickie rating with a skill level of 3 stars, putting it between the luck and skill mark.

Equipment needed: the included spinner and/or dice.

Duration: 10-15 minutes.

Object of the game: "To win and many rounds as possible." (The grammatical errors throughout the game rules are many.)

Betting options: "Winner can either roll dice or spin spinner to determine what they win after each round of games is completed. Each round is based on best of three."

To Play: "Both players put one hand behind their back and at the count of three bring it out, either as scissors, paper, or rock. Scissors are represented by a horizontal hand with two fingers extended; paper is indicated by a hand held out horizontally and flat; rock is shown by a clenched fist. The point of the game is that scissors cut paper; paper beats rock; and rock beats scissors. If both players use the same shape, the round is a draw. Have fun playing this ancient game that is based on the principle of anticipation. You'll quickly found out whi is the better bluffer and double-bluffer!"
Now, this was just a way for us to unwind and we certainly did. My husband cracked up at the fact they explained to him what to do and he said, "Oh, so that's how you make a rock with your hand." lol. It got us to relax a little and feel more comfortable exploring the other games offered.

One of the best in the bunch and littered with grammatical errors is
Three Field Kono.

3 star rating, 2 star skill level.
Equipment: 6 Black & 6 White Betting Chips

Duration: 15-20 minutes

Object of game: "To capture all of your opponent's pieces or block them so they can not move."

Betting options: "Both players must describe a sexy fantasy that they would love to live out should they win. With two fantasy's on the table you may be considering carefully whether you really want to win this game or not!"

To play: "Three Field Kono is played on a board of 12 points. Each player has 6 pieces arranged in the starting position shown in Diagram A. The players move in alternate turns. If a piece is able to jump over another piece of the same color and land on an opponent's piece, it can capture he latter. If no capturing moves are possible, a piece ma only move to an adjacent point along one of the lines. The game is over when a player is able to capture all of the opponent's pieces of block them from moving."
It took us a while to figure out what the hell it was trying to tell us to do because of the typing/spelling errors, we actually had to stop what we were doing and go browse around on google for a few minutes- having to stop everything because the game couldn't give clear instructions killed the mood and put a damper in our fun. Three-field kono is a fairly complicated game, well, at least it was for me. My husband loves brain teasers and can figure things out quite easily, especially when it comes to strategic positioning, I on the other struggled a little. Despite the poorly written instructions and having to leave the bedroom to use a computer, this was the first time that my husband willingly tried to come up with a fantasy. He usually shies away from anything that involves creativity but he stepped up to the plate and came through for me, this brought him out of his comfort zone and it finally let me role play with him. I finally got to experience something with him he never let me experience before!

The worst game would have to be "
In the privacy of our bedroom..." When you get all hot and bothered, this game had a way to suck all the fun out of the room and seemed like the manufacturer was just trying to fill up space.

Rating of 1 star, and a skill level of 4 stars.

Equipment: "None but a good memory and a playful imagination will be to your advantage."

5-10 minutes

Object of game:
To be the last one to say the growing list out loud correctly.

Betting Options:(they forgot to mark this in bold) "Bet on winning the sexy scenario you create together."

To Play:
"The game is very simple: the first player starts the round with "In the privacy of our bedroom I like to..." and adds an item. The game continues with each player having to remember what has been added before, in order, as the list gets longer and longer. After a few rounds it may start to sound something like this:

"In the privacy of our bedroom I like to...
watch you put on sexy lingerie,
put on a striptease, give you kisses,
talk naughty, receive oral pleasure."

If a player omits an item, or places it in the incorrect order, they are out of the round and the other player wins!"

Create a rule that items should be in alphabetical order, so:

"In the privacy of our bedroom I like to...
fondle your
ass, while I give you a blow job..."

Truthfully, it was lame. "In the privacy of our bedroom.." was a game that didn't compare to the fun, sexy dice and the spinner that had us exploring one another's bodies and desires..

Now, what would a Casino be without poker? The instructions are quite lengthy so forgive me for paraphrasing.

Sex Casino's Strip Poker is played the same way as the PG rated game with 52 cards- Ace high, 3 card draw. Once you have the cards you want you, the dealer's opponent places a bet- such as a piece of clothing. Then it's the dealer's turn to bet- this goes on back and forth until a player folds or there are no more raises. The players then turn over their cards to see who winds- highest hand wins the pot. Strip poker has always been fun for me because I know how to read my husband, I got him as naked as a jailbird and while it was for a few minutes I soon grew tired of it since I've seen him naked 1,000 times. There was nothing embarrassing nor sexy about making a man I see naked on a regular basis take his clothes on. I can only see this as being suitable if played with a group of friends or when starting to see someone new.

Overall, the dice was made well, the chips were solid, the scratch and win lotto tickets were a bit cheesy, and the spinner was nothing more than cheap cardboard but Sex Casino offered a lot- while some of the games felt like "filler games" (the manufacturer just trying to get up to 25), a lot were still very fun. However, the instructions for many of the games contained grammatical and spelling errors that made them hard to read and understand. I don't think any proofreading was done, a lot of the typing errors were sloppy and I wouldn't be surprised if someone rushed through everything just to get it into stores quicker- this conveys a feeling of "so what", making me believe that the makers of Sex Casino don't really care about the finished product.

Nevertheless, Sex Casino from Babeland is a good, cheap
($21.99) game that opens the lines of communication and brings the fun back into the bedroom. If you're looking for a way to just kick back and enjoy time with your partner, this is something that will relieve some tension if you can overlook the spelling errors and don't mind a few cheesy games.