I watched an associated press clip on how Tanya Harding says she's had enough. lol.

Remember that bitch? She had her ex-hubby and her bodyguard hire a guy to go after Nancy Kerrigan with a retractable baton so she couldn't compete in the 1994 U.S. Figure Skating Championships. With Kerrigan out of the way, Harding won the 1994 title and a spot on the U.S. Olympic team for the upcoming Winter Games.

Kerrigan actually recovered and she was given a spot on the US team to compete in the Winter Games. She won 2nd place and many people said the results were so controversially close that she should have won first.

Harding went to jail, paid a $150,000 fine, and now 15 years later she says she's suffered enough- people need to stop harassing her.

Is she justified in her plea? Well, it wasn't really a plea - it was more like a snooty, "leave me the fuck alone" trailer park bitchfest.

Watching her made me remember all the times I made my husband pay for his crimes. Whether all I needed was 1 minute to bitch at him or I spent a full 4 days not talking to him. As Tanya says, when everything is over and done with, how long do we have to make people "suffer" for their mistakes?

Is there anything in your past that you can't forgive? Are you too stubborn to forgive? Or are you too quick to forgive, always being the first to say you're sorry even when you don't want to forgive?

Do you think there ever comes a time where rapists and murders deserve to be left alone? Or by constantly reminding them of the piece of shit thing they did and their once little regard for human life, it's a way to keep them on the straight and narrow?

How about the controversy over reviews posted on sex blogs. How long will it be until bloggers forgive AAG? If you're a reviewer, do you feel like her apology was sufficient enough for you to accept it? How long will this stay a current event on the sex blogging scene? I'm thinking until a new controversy comes along, however, this one cut pretty deep for a lot of people and I don't think it will be forgotten for a while.