I can brag about the size of my husband's cock and I don't mind if I do. It's big but damn, it's satisfying.

There have been times where I wished his cock was just a tad bit thicker and times where I wished it was just tad bit thinner. My tastes can change like the direction of the wind. The 4-Way Girth Arouser Duck from Tabutoys allows me the freedom to have him be bigger on the days where I really crave massive cock- this sleeve satisfies the Size Queen within.

The 4-Way Girth Arouser Duck is made out of Futurotic, a thermal plastic elastomer (mixture of PVC and silicone). It's incredibly soft but unfortunately, highly porous. I always recommend covering toys made out of "real skins" or "soft skins" with condoms to prevent bacterial growth and a rapid breakdown of the toy material. While only the shaft of this toy can be covered with a condom (just place it over your cock), the duck and testicular ring are exposed. *Below are photographs showing what a condom will look like over the sleeve.*

Futurortic is temperamental, if this sleeve touches a toy made out of a similiar composite, there is a high chance of both toys melting and bonding together. It's also only compatible with water-based lubricant, oil and silicone lubes are not recommended as they may melt this sensitive material. Futurotic is prone to attracting lint, debris, and dirt so you have to wash the toy immediately after sex and immediately before sex. Because of all these things, this sleeve should be stored separately. Just place it inside of a plastic bag, sprinkle a little bit of cornstarch inside of the bag to keep the texture soft, and store it somewhere dark and cool.

The 4-Way Girth Arouser Duck is 4" long but stretchy so if you have a long penis, it will cover a good amount of skin. The cock that I'm photographing the sleeve on is the Lone Star by Vixen Creations. This cock is 7" long and when I measured it around it was 5 3/4" at it's widest point. After I put the sleeve on, I measured once again at it's largest point, and it was now 7 1/2" around. The 4-Way Girth Arouser Duck really does add size!

When having my husband wear the sleeve, his penis felt very, very big. If you have an issue with your partner's size or you'd just like to try something different, this is the way to go. On the interior of the sleeve there are polka dots, these are actually little raised bumps which will help to stimulate his shaft to keep him erect. As the sleeve is thick, it can "deaden" some of the sensations felt in the lower part of the shaft. As the head of his penis was still exposed, he was still able to have those particular nerve endings stimulated.

On the exterior of the sleeve there are spiral indentations. These caused bulges in the size of his shaft, and ultimately, the differing in size really added a new element to the overall experience of using a sleeve. The twist shape made penetration unique, the deeper his penis got, the more elated I became, because of the varying girth.

At the base of the sleeve there is a testicular ring. This ring is just as stretchy as the sleeve. My husband has large balls and was able to fit the ring around his with room to spare. While the ring was snug it wasn't tight, it was comfortable but it didn't help to prevent premature ejaculation like some cock and ball devices do.

At the top of the sleeve there is a duck's bill to help stimulate the clitoris or anus depending upon position. This packaged sleeve comes with a mini bullet so you can slide the bullet into the duck's eyes. Happily, it already comes with 6 watch sized batteries! It takes 3 to operate the bullet, once it's on and ready to go, wow. This is a VERY powerful and whiny bullet. It vibrated so hard my fingertips went almost instantly numb. While it has a dial base, there's only one speed. If you're someone that prefers power, this bullet is a great one, although it is very loud. I was surprised such a loud sound could come from something so small.

If you're looking for a sleeve to help a partner with a lackluster girth or are looking for something to spice up an old toy, The 4-Way Girth Arouser Duck is a no brainer. It comes equipped with a bullet to turn any dildo into a rabbit-style (or dual action) vibrator, and a testicular ring that helps to engorge his balls along with a sleeve that helps to amp up his cock.

The 4-Way Girth Arouser Duck can be purchased at Tabutoys.com for $38.87. If this isn't quite what you were looking for be sure to check out their entire selection of penis sleeves and extensions.