Let me say my day started off horribly. Around 4 pm yesterday I became very ill, it came on so fast that it was easy to figure out that it was food poisoning caused by my addiction to yogurt. So today after spending 6 hours at ER (I was gloriously looked up to an IV for 2.5 of those hours and pumped full of anti-nausea medication) I came home and saw that I was on the list for Best Sex Toy Reviewers 2008! I didn't even realize I had been nominated. :)

So THANK you to everyone and anyone that nominated me and major congrats to all other reviewers on the list!

As far as the rest of my night goes, I bought a domain- I just have to fight with Google and Blogger to get it set up right. You'll still be able to pop in my current website address but it will automatically redirect to the new url. Hopefully, I can get it working in the next day or so!