...has arrived!

This is a big deal in my house as my last cycle was September 20th, 2008. I've been putting off going to the doctor's to find out why it hasn't come after doing everything I should have (birth control) because of my cancer scare last year. When the lining of your uterus builds up and does not shed it increases your risk of endometrial cancer by a very high amount. I didn't want to go through what I went through last year so my terrible, lazy ass refused to go see another military quack that was clueless about how to properly perform a pap and would have just told me I was fine, yadda yadda.

Nice surprise after sex this morning and so far, so good. Massive cramps, I've already popped several Vicodin and the flow really hasn't kicked in. I'm nervous to see what's in store for me, I hope it ends after a week as I can't go through another 4, 5, or 6 mos of a continuous cycle- It destroyed my sex life and my desire to engage in any acts of intimacy.

So, take that PCOS, I have my period.