I don't really use my blog as a public forum. This has all been a space to share my thoughts, feelings, and lately, to write reviews which I openly share with any and all will who read or watch them. I was prompted yesterday to put my 0.2 cents on Epiphora's blog in her response to AAG's post, "The Seduction of Buzzy Things." I then decided to go ahead and respond to AAG as well.

My response to AAG's post:

"I posted a similiar response to Epiphora’s blog but I thought perhaps I’d post one here.

For a year I didn’t write any reviews on my blog, it was all personal; stories, erotica, articles on PCOS, posts about infertility and how it’s affected my marriage and my sex life, etc. Those posts were hardly ever read, I didn’t have any readers. I went to great lengths to promote my blog but I couldn’t generate traffic- people didn’t know who I was and didn’t care to read my posts.

When I decided to start reviewing toys directly on my blog, my numbers soared. I had people coming in from everywhere- they were commenting, reading, and surfing around the rest of my pages. Those posts from a year before were finally being read.

99% of the blogs I go to are reviewer blogs. These are the people I know through my affiliations with sex toy companies. And it’s these bloggers that account for a good amount of my traffic. I think we reviewers have a place within the sex blogging community. While we may seem to be trying to push one product after another, we do this for people other than ourselves. I write for anyone who’ll read my posts, watch my videos, and look at my pictures. I don’t know how many people I’ve influenced to buy or not buy items but that is the reason why I review. And I’m not all fluff and sunshine- I discuss the negatives as well as the positives.

With the increase in the amount of reviews I have written lately, I really don’t feel like personal posts have suffered. To some there may not be a good balance between reviews and non-reviews but I spent over a year writing everything but reviews. I suppose you could say, I’m making up for lost time.

As far as views on sex toy companies or manufacturer’s go, well, not everyone is going to have the same opinion. We can’t all band together or rise in arms against because we don’t all share the same sentiments. Also, if a large majority of solid reviewers were to stand up and refuse to review for particular companies or put their energy into denouncing them, there’d be the next generation of toy reviewers lined up to fill their spots.I review, I’m a reviewer… and I can live with that. I have my style, I take my time. I put up 5 minute video clips touring toys, I take product photos (sometimes including myself), and I write wordy opinionated essays as to whether or not the toy is worth the investment. Truth be told, I get more traffic being a reviewer than I ever did as a sex blogger.