Briana's Silicone Squiggler
Pros: Soft Japanese Silicone and powerful motor.
Cons: Expensive.
Price: $86.45

Casey's On the Go Vibe

Pros: Travel friendly.
Cons: Semi-porous TPR material.
Price: $23.50

Pros: Powerful, includes discreet charging dock.
Cons: Price and doesn't work for all anatomies.
Price: $148.99

Dream Massager G
Pros: Amazing, powerful, waterproof, great price.
Cons: A little loud.
Price: $18.99

Eager Beaver
Pros: Cheap and powerful rabbit vibrator.
Cons: Made out of Jelly.
Price: $24.99

Pros: Amazing for g-spot stimulation.
Cons: Price.
Price: $109.00

Little Beaver Finger Vibe
Pros: Cheap, powerful, great to use during sex.
Cons: Made out of Jelly.
Price: $15.99

My Miracle Massager
Pros: Lighter and easier to use than the Hitachi.
Cons: A little bit less powerful than the Hitachi.
Price: $41.99

Sienna Symphony-
Pros: Performs like a higher priced vibe.
Cons: Rigid Silicone Material.
Price: $48.99

Pros: Amazing for masturbation.
Cons: None.
Price: $27.99

Pros: Amazing to wear during intercourse.
Cons: Low to moderate vibrations.
Price: $129.99


Alumina Revolve
Pros: Great design and wonderfully lightweight aluminum material.
Cons: Expensive.
Price: $79.99

Crystal Rose Glass Dildo
Pros: Great for g-spot orgasms.
Cons: Pointy Tip.
Price: $65.99

Dai-Do #3
Pros: Huge and filling.
Cons: May be too heavy/big for some.
Price: $85.99

G-spot steel dildo
Pros: Amazing for g-spot orgasms.
Cons: Cheap packaging and expensive.
Price: $164.99

Pros: Silicone, material is supple.
Cons: Unrealistically solid and heavy.
Price: $82.79 (currently on sale)

Magic Stick
Pros: Great glass texture.
Cons: Expensive.
Price: $53.99


Pros: Bendable, great for penetration.
Cons: Lint magnet.
Price: $39.99

Pros: Silky Silicone.
Cons: Hard to clean by hand.
Price: $41.99

Anal Toys


Small and comfortable.
Hooked tip is difficult to insert.
Price: $35.99

Silicone X-10 beads
Pros: Soft, great for beginners.
Cons: Not 100% medical grade silicone.
Price: $11.99

BDSM/Fetish toys

Beaded Tweezer Clamps
Pros: Beautiful, holds on well.
Cons: Sliding o-ring scratches metal finish.
Price: $11.99

Deluxe Pony Hobbles
Pros: Beautiful, heavy, and overall great restraints.
Cons: Will not fit ankles larger than 11".
Price: $141.99

La Femme harness
Pros: Soft, beautiful leather.
Cons: Does not fit women over a size 20 (US).
Price: $123.99

Leather Vampire Gloves
Pros: Wonderful for those craving needle play but too scared to try it.
Cons: Spikes are easily bent.
Price: $47.99

Nexus iStim
Pros: Awesome electro-stimulation unit.
Cons: Very expensive.
Price: $249.80

Nipplettes Vibrating Clamps
Pros: Powerful vibrations.
Cons: Don't really pinch or clamp down.
Price: $28.80

Pink and Black Double Strand Nipple Clamps

Pros: Work phenomenally well.
Cons: Long length gets caught on things.
Price: $29.00

Silk Sashay Cuffs
Pros: Gorgeous and holds up to rougher play.
Cons: Silk Wrinkles.
Price: $64.99

Tantus Ball Gag
Pros: Silicone.
Cons: Does not muffle out sounds/screams.
Price: $32.00

Sex Furniture

Liberator Zeppelin Lounger
Pros: Huge, comfortable surface for inventive penetrative sex.
Cons: Huge- for those where space is limited, this is not ideal.
Price: $180.00-$314.40

Fetish Sex Stool
Pros: Allows for deep penetrative sex, easy on knees and joints.
Cons: May be uncomfortable in some positions.
Price: $65.99

Liberator Escape
Pros: Can be used comfortably anywhere- indoors and out!
Cons: Difficult storage.
Price: $89.00

Liberator Ramp/Wedge Combo
Pros: Allows for crazy sex.
Cons: Slick covers cause pillows to slide.
Price: $209.00

Lotions and Potions

Coochy Protection
Pros: Aftershave mist that sprays in all directions.
Cons: Contains Glycerin.
Price: $9.99

Coochy Shave Creme
Pros: Creamy and milky, feels great on bikini area.
Cons: Clogs up razors.
Price: $6.99

Enchanted Evening Kit
Pros: Made for an amazing night.
Cons: Candles are cheap.
Price: $44.99

Shunga Body Slide
Pros: Romantic, brings couples together.
Cons: One time use.
Price: $24.99


Fishnet Halter Dress
Pros: Feels so silky against the body.
Cons: Panties were ridiculously small.
Price: $28.47

Pinstripe Chemise
Pros: Soft, conforms beautifully to the body.
Cons: Straps have too much elasticity, cups spaced too far apart.
Price: $39.99


Foxxy Mink Tickler
Pros: Provides a sensual and intimate massage.
Cons: Storage for mink is tricky.
Price: $15.99

High Intensity Pussy Pump
Pros: Phthalates-free and sturdy construction.
Cons: Hose disconnects easily, cheap packaging.
Price: N/A

Pros: PC muscle device designed by a doctor.
Cons: Extremely cold (but it's supposed to be).
Price: $72.99

Luna Beads
Pros: Amazing for kegel exercises and foreplay.
Cons: Caused cramping the first few uses.
Price: $44.00