The best orgasm is the orgasm that involves not only clitoral stimulation, g-spot stimulation, but anal stimulation as well. The hardest part of achieving that full bodied orgasm is finding the right anal toy. I don't often seek out anal products because I constantly feel like there's nothing out there that is exactly what I'm looking. While the Silicone Anal Pacifier from Tabutoys isn't exactly the perfect toy, it's certainly good enough to deserve a second look. Its low price of $16.90 doesn't hurt its appeal either!

The Silicone Anal Pacifier is 4 1/2 inches long with an insertable length of 2 1/2 inches. It has a circumference of 4 inches and weighs roughly 3 oz. It's made out of a pretty purple, Phthalatee-free silicone. This particular blend of silicone is rubbery and very shiny. Unfortunately, it's also the type of material that will attract everything in sight; lint, hair, dust, dirt, etc. I highly recommend washing this before play as well as immediately after. Also, don't place it on a paper towel or toilet paper prior to lubing it up because the lint from the paper will be drawn to it. Sheets are a no-no as well because any hair or dirt on your sheets will immediately stick to this plug.

Insertion of the Love Pacifier was tricky. Due to the bulbous head of the plug it was uncomfortable trying to push it past my anus. The ring was also very bendy and wiggled every which way as I tried to drive the toy forward. I became increasingly frustrated with it because I never seemed to have the right hold on it and my ass wasn't receptive enough to take it. I can't handle very big toys, while this plug wasn't mammoth, it was the design of it that made it difficult. It has a slight taper at the tip but then it really fills out into a full, voluminous teardrop.

I doused the plug and my ass in water based lubricant, rubbed my perineum to relax, and with one deep breath, I rammed this into me. I felt what you could almost describe as a "Pop!" Once I got over the initial shock of finally being able to insert this and the slight, discomforting stretch of my anus, I was finally able to lay back and masturbate. I broke out my trusted copy of Hustler's Halloween issue and got down to business.

This plug hooks in tight due to the curve of the neck making it ideal for strenuous sex. You can walk around with this for hours, cum multiple times, and do hundreds of activities without it slipping out. Awesome! Especially for those of us that really love to move around during our play. I got up many times from start to finish to adjust the level of my fan, close the curtains, kick the cat out of the bedroom, and shut the bedroom door. Each time I got up I didn't have to stop and remove the plug before it slipped out because it WASN'T SLIPPING OUT! It never budged from position and I was delighted to be able to have the freedom of movement.

With using Briana's Silicone Squiggler (that has a very wide rotation if you bend it correctly), I was in for very filling and pleasant sensations. My vagina felt tighter due to the shape of the plug and my ass felt very, very stuffed. Each time my vibrator rotated it managed to hit the plug and little shivers were sent up and down my spine. The plug felt big and my pelvis seemed almost inflated from the girth of this little plug in my ass as well as the rotating vibrator in my vagina.

When I finally came it was good. It was very good. My anus pulsed and squeezed the plug with each orgasmic surge. My orgasm was deep and it was long, it seemed as if the plug extended its duration. It was certainly a magic moment for me. I laid back in awe- yes, it was hard to insert but that orgasm was well worth the struggles.

With a few tugs of the handle the plug came back out with a "pop!" The retrieval ring was genius as this is a plug that was designed with its tapered neck to stay inside your ass for an extended amount of time. What I love is that the ring is so wide- there's absolutely no fear of the entire toy slipping inside your anal cavity (I know many friends with that worry). You're able to grip the ring by two fingers and just pull until your ass finally lets go.

While the design didn't seem to work for insertion, the fact that it can be used for an extended period of time without fear of it coming out makes up for it! This is a great plug that can be worn around town, around the house, or around the bedroom. If you're into play that involves a lot of activity, a lot of crazy positions, a lot of thrusting and pumping- the Silicone Anal Pacifier will most certainly fulfill your wants and needs in a toy. It wasn't perfect but it was damn good.

Sold at Tabutoys for $16.90