So the weekend is over and I'm officially spent. I had a lot of fun though but hardly any sleep.. which has continued over to today- it's almost 10 AM and I haven't been to bed yet! Too many things to do on the list... sigh.

We're almost 2 weeks into the new year! Can you believe it? Have you made any resolutions that you've broken yet? I'm actually trying to fulfill mine- My resolution of the year is to become more involved. IN EVERYTHING. Especially the community at EdenFantasys and Tabutoys. There are so many great people there- staff, reviewers, and customers that I really want to get to know. I've hung back and I've watched as they've made friends and had fun.. and yes, at times I did feel left out. It's not that my schedule has prevented me from participating in a lot of their activities, I suppose it's just that I'm reserved. I review sex toys yet I'm reserved?! You bet! It's not that I'm guarded either, you can see pictures of me all over this blog showcasing those sex toys. ;) I'm not shy either, I'm a social butterfly that people love (well, at least I think they do, of course when you're drunk you think everyone likes you!)- it's just that... well... I don't know!

So I'm trying. And while I'm trying why don't you too? Why don't you head over to the forums at Edenfantasys and the forums at Tabutoys and let these two e-tailers know how fabulous they are? Make friends, play games, share stories, and amuse yourself. What good is a community if we hang back and watch from the side lines? The time is now- PARTICIPATE and GET INVOLVED!