Finding the Gigi was like finding my soul mate. The first glimpse was love at first site and the first week of owning this vibrator felt like a honeymoon.


I'm a swooner, I tend to fall for the really great sex toys. I fell for Gigi like I fell for my husband, hard and fast. It felt like a rediscovery, bringing flashbacks of the very first time I used a vibrator. I felt young again, unspoiled, and unadulterated by the massive amount of knowledge I now know about adult novelties. I felt the passion come back into my solo sex life, the Gigi seems to have been the missing piece. I can honestly say, I don't know how I lived without this vibrator, thank you Tabutoys!

The Gigi is composed out of 100% medical grade silicone. LELO, the brilliant company they are, truly thinks about a customer's wants and needs. Not only is this vibrator 100% silicone but it's 100% rechargeable. No more batteries that ruin the mood and the environment, you now have a toy that is body safe and energy effecient. It takes roughly 2 hours to charge and will hold a charge for about 2 hours of continuous play. Simply remove the silicone cap over the A/C jack and plug in the power cord. The LED circle will light up white to let you know that it has started charging and will turn red when it's time for you to recharge it.

There are 7 whisper quiet speeds and 5 different pulsation patterns. Each is more delicious than the next although I prefer the first, a continuous buzz. The 2nd setting is an on/off buzz, the 3rd a faster and deeper on/off buzz, the 4th a much faster on/off buzz that feels high and shallow and like the vibrator is shaking, and the 5th is a roller-coasting pattern that starts off low and slow and graduates up to a high whine fast buzz. The vibrator can be 'locked' if you're carrying your vibrator in luggage or a purse. Simply hold the dial for 5 seconds, wait for the LED circle to light up and then go dark. To unlock, hold the dial once more until the LED circle relights. I recommend doing this whenever you put your toy away after use because the push button dial is extremely touchy. The fact that you can so easily push buttons when you don't mean to was the only issue I've had with this vibrator, a small price to pay.

The blunt, flat head of the Gigi makes this vibrator one of the few that I've found that truly rubs against your g-spot. The flat head is also ideal for rubbing against your clitoris, in fact, it's better than a lot of strictly clitoral vibrators I own. Using the Gigi for clitoral stimulation during doggy style is amazing, this 'slim' vibrator is ideal because it isn't too large and has a beautiful curve that is easy to hold when your body is contorted in various degrees. The Gigi has an insertable length of 4 1/2 inches and a circumference of 3 1/2 inches which is satisfying but not overly filling nor bordering on "stuffed". When inserted, the Gigi is comfortable, feels smooth and absolutely seamless. The velvet texture of the silicone feels like satin when rubbed against your clitoris and on skin so teasing a partner's nipples or thighs with the vibrator is quite handy if you engage in sensory play.

The Gigi also comes boxed up with her own power cord, satin bag, instruction manual, and a 1 year warranty. I prefer to keep the Gigi in the white satin drawstring bag and stash a few toys inside of the hard, canvas box.

The very first orgasm I had with the Gigi vibrator left my hands shaking and my limbs bordering on numb. I laid on my bed in a stupor, questioning if I had really been able to cum that hard. It reminded me of the first time I ever got off with a vibrator. In all these years, the Gigi is the only vibrator that made using a toy feel like a new experience, that made me feel young again. This toy recreated the shock and awe of youth when you first discover what it feels like to cum with a vibrator. Every orgasm I've had following that first has left me with that same "Oh My God!" feeling and I can tell my husband is jealous. I don't know how I've lived without a toy like this. While it all sounds like fluff and though some doubters would say, "can a toy really be that good?"... it can, the Gigi is.

I'm certainly not a stranger when it comes to LELO products, in fact I've had a love affair with both Elise and Bob. The Gigi is truly in a class of its own, comparatively their other toys have not been able to do for me quite like the Gigi. While every LELO product is composed of exceptional quality, luxury, and class- the Gigi stands alone. Tabutoys understood a woman's G-spot needs when they added this to their inventory, they appreciate the craftsmanship of LELO and understand the desires of their shoppers. When it comes to g-spot needs, Tabutoys certainly meets them.

The Gigi is a vibrator that should be kept for a lifetime and the superb quality of LELO's craftsmanship guarantees that I will own this particular one for years.

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