This isn't a 'How To', in fact it's more of a 'How Don't'. It's a very real subject and something I actually left the "real world" to pursue for a year. Did I make good money? You bet! Was it a steady income? Not always. Did I push myself and test my limits? Without question.

So I started when I was 21. A good friend of mine actually left her job to have a baby, in the time between his birth and first birthday she started working as a phone sex operator. She'd make a few hundred dollars a week and was considering starting her own website with a few of her close friends because she was tired of websites taking 30% of her profits. I tried to convince my husband that it would be great money and that I could leave my job to do it. At that point I was selling wedding dresses, I worked 50 hour weeks and had a 2 hour commute every day... I was miserable. After a night of very awkward conversation he ended up convincing me that selling sex wasn't the right fit. I declined the offer to join her website but I knew that I still wanted to work from home.

Google provided me with everything. The website to host my content, another website to give me an anonymous 800 number, and all the ideas I could ever dream of. I was a very vanilla girl, I thought handcuffs were kinky and blindfolds were extreme. I started browsing Domme and Dom listing, cross referencing termonology with wikipedia and bdsm related websites. For the first month of calls or chat sessions I had Google at the ready, I can't tell you how many times I searched up cbt or cuckolding with one hand on the keyboard and the other on my receiver!

My first call was actually a great one, I got really lucky. It was some guy, oh let's call him Paul (of course, I'm sure the name he told me isn't his real one either). Well, Paul was French and I had a hard time understanding him due to a really shitty phone connection. Paul was the type of guy to search out brand new Dommes on the website, he liked to conquer new territory and got increasingly bored with women over time. The first call was awkward, he told me not to be nervous (I was supposed to be the one in charge) and actually gave me valueable tips that I later learned to master. The phone connection was so bad that he offered a large sum of money to talk with him on Yahoo and an even larger sum to show him my webcam. The first great lesson: you don't even have to talk on the phone to make money!

He told me I was too nice, too coy, that I needed to be stricter and firmer. However, this shy, coy, and sweet demeanor I actually kept with him because it set the tone for the rest of our "relationship". That demeanor bit me in the ass in the months to come, when I knew I couldn't get another dime from him. Towards the end I tried to be more dominant, more demanding but he wouldn't budge and he stopped calling. Well, Paul, taught me the most important thing that I ever could have learned. Money Dommes and TRIBUTES. Tribute- A monetary expression of love and control. The love being his and the control being mine. These guys while on the phone or instant messenger with me would head straight to my listing and click the "Tribute here" buttons, I could also send them onsite emails that were "Pay To View" for odd sums. I could send out multiple $35 or $50 requests on a call. If they paid them I'd keep talking, if they didn't, I'd hang up. If they wanted to see my webcam it would be an instant $35 and then I'd shut it off and turn it back on for random amounts.

Paul taught me the ropes so to speak. He stuck around because that sweet persona was what he considered to be the GFE. Girlfriend Experience. He was looking for a soul mate but I had already found mine unbeknown to him. I spent months giving him the impression of false hope. Telling him that, "oh yes, we'll meet some day".. or "you're so wonderful".. I wanted his money and he wanted a woman's attention for 30 minutes. In one afternoon I made $500 from Paul from our back and forth dialogue of, "you're so wonderful, I can't believe I met you." He taught me another great lesson on one of those long September days. Props! Floggers, whips, and paddles make it more believable. Take photos in corsets and holding BDSM paraphanelia or show them off on your webcam, and you will turn an even bigger profit. Never show tits though, when you're a Domme you can show cleavage but you're in control and the classiest of Dommes would never stoop as low to show off her nipples or crotch. Not only do you not have to get naked but you don't even have to talk about sex. You choose the subject, if they bring up subjects you don't want to talk about there are ways around it- like, "don't speak about your disgusting excuse for a penis, you'll make me vomit." or *laugh* "I would never have sex with you! I am a Goddess and you are a sack of shit."

Paul kept it light and for a few weeks I thought being a Web Domme was the easiest thing in the world. I did overtime have my share of callers and chatters that made me question whether or not I wanted to continue to make a living this way. Subjects were discussed and scenes were mentioned that actually had me reporting a few guys to the website administrators but I'll get to that another day.