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1.) I'm an Audio Engineer... rightly so that means I'm a failed musician, lol. I write and record all my originals when time permits.

2.) I used to be in a Grunge Band... I don't believe it either. I used to writhe on stage equipped with alcohol bottle in hand while screaming my lungs out to whatever Seattle band covers we chose that night. It was all guys except for me and we used to practice in a damn basement- I made a lot of mistakes with those guys (like deciding it would be a good idea to swim naked in a pool for 3 hours with 25 other people without sunscreen) but it was the best time of my life.

3.) I put my entire life on hold for my husband. I am the epitome of a military wife. I sacrificed my career, friends, and hobbies so that we could pack up our lives and move down south. I'd do it again in a heart beat.

4.) 99% of the clothing I own is black. When I got pregnant with my son I just gained a shit ton of weight, I have yet to lose any of it thanks to PCOS.. so to combat the bulge I wear strictly black because of it's "slimming" effect. Trust me, I LOVE color (I'm a star of my own at colourlovers.com) but nothing has been able to do for me quite like black has.

5.) I have a highly addictive personality. Whenever I find something new it sparks a light in me and I obsess over it until something fresher comes along. It's terrible, so please, when holidays roll around NO CHOCOLATES! lol.

6.) I still feel like I'm 17. I have my late 20's responsibilities but there are days where I still feel like I'm a teenager. I can't quite explain it but it's beyond feeling young at heart. I think I had so much fun before I became an adult that I just can't let some things go.

7.) I am in love with Jeffrey Dean Morgan. There's my sad school girl crush, it's terrible- whenever he comes on TV I damn near soak my panties. Feel free to tease me now.. but if you saw the face, you might melt too.

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