In with the new and out with the old! As 2009 peers around the corner, I have a little bit of a grace period to compile the best sex toys of 2008 that I've tried, as well as the best materials, the best manufacturers, etc.. and also the duds- because let's face it, people love the juicy details on the terribad just as well as the uber-good!

Top Toys of 2008:

10. Lonestar. In the grand scheme of things this toy seemed wrong. On paper it was everything I pined for- high quality silicone, aesthetic appeal, the ability to feel realistic... yet when I first tried it, it left a lot to be desired. It was heavy, bulky, and unpleasant. However, as time went on it grew on me- it presented a new appeal, the silicone softened with time and it became a dildo to rival all others.

9. Crystal Rose curved G spot dildo. With new toys come new experiences. I've tried glass before but it never offered the "wow" factor... until February of 2008. This is the first toy I've ever had an internal orgasm with and rightly so it earns it's spot on the top 10 toys of 2008.

8. G twister vibe. This dual action vibrator offered extreme power- Power enough to shake your windows and rattle your walls. It was the big pink monster that brought me to orgasm in 2 minutes time.

7. The Delight. This vibrator is luxury at its finest. Fun Factory blew me out of the water with this rich, luxurious vibe composed of body safe plastic and medical grade silicone. While the clitoral nub on this toy was a real downer, this toy still shines amongst the best of the year.

6. My Miracle Massager. Talk about power! This pink and white vibe is truly this generation's Hitachi. Best of all it's smaller, quieter, and more ergonomically satisfying than our Mother's powerhouse vibrator was!

5. The Liberator Combo. Positional sex was never easier. I love to fuck and Liberator made it easy to. With brand new positions and brand new ideas provided in the glossy colored booklet, in 2008 I was started on my way to becoming a little Porno Position Princess.

4. Steel Dildo. This was a new material for me; it was hefty, weighty, and absolutely fabulous. I was met by hot and cold sensations I had never found before in another toy (not even glass!) This toy left me hot and sweaty and provided for insane g-spot orgasms.

3. The We-Vibe. Talk about equal opportunity. I loved it and my husband loved it. This was a toy that connected us, that made us a team- not only was he after the big "O" but I was too. If you love to be in love, than the We-Vibe will bring you closer to your partner than ever before.

2. The TantraBeam. Masturbatory pleasure never felt better. This toy turned your fingers into vibrators, it opens eyes to the possibility of getting off quickly and allowing you to explore with the hand that knows your body best.

1. AND NUMBER 1! The best toy of 2008 is the Alumina Revolve by Tantus! There are too many words to describe the beauty of this toy.. in the grand scheme of getting off, there's no toy better to get off with.

Top Materials of 2008

Top Brands of 2008
5. Phallix
3. Fun Factory
2. Cal Exotics
1. Tantus

Top Free Porn Sites of 2008
3. Pornotube
2. YouPorn
1. Spankwire

Worst Adult Products of 2008

10. Astroglide. Talk about a terribad lubricant. Astroglide is absolutely DISGUSTING.
9. Durex Play Connects Ring. I thought this product had to be a joke. A disposable cockring for around $15. Durex must be laughing all the way to the bank.
8. Heart-on Wireless Cock Ring. The worse cock ring I've ever come across. Lame vibrations and a lame design put this on the Naughty list.
7. Elexa Natural Feel condoms. The worst condoms I've ever tried. Too tight and way too expensive!
6. Cleavage Links. Big breasts beware, these pieces of crap did nothing to showcase my girls.
5. Lucid Dream No 72. The worst vibrating anal plug I've ever found, the Lucid Dream line is a dud!
4. Jesse's Climactic Climaxer. This is without a doubt one of the worst clitoral stimulators I've yet to try.
3. Tighten Up and Shrink Creme. I shelled out six bucks for something that didn't do anything. I should have bought magic beans instead!
2. Eros Ejaculator. Lady Cal is a brand of poor products that are too big and too noisy. This vibrator proves why that brand is bad!
1. Masturazor. I couldn't believe I was brave enough to try it. I did and I was DISAPPOINTED!