Buck Angel

I've always identified myself as heterosexual. Surely, I've dabbled in the girl on girl kissing, whether alcohol was involved or not doesn't really matter. I've even gone down on women at swinger events (preDH)... but when people ask me if I fuck only men, the answer is 'yes'.

I love transexual porn; heterosexual Harry fucking Sally is boring, transexual porn offers the best of both worlds and has the ability to keep me interested. Buck Angel is the fantasy, watching his version of porn lets me dream of what it would be like to be with a man... that had a vagina. I'd have the opportunity to be both heterosexual and bisexual.

Buck Angel is really the guy you want to know. He's good looking (I mean surely, we're not all into bikers but he's got a fucking great body)... he's funny (I've seen so many videos showcasing his kick ass sense of humor).. and he is straight forward (you have to appreciate a partner that shoots from the hip).. but the icing on the cake is that Buck has a vagina.

Buck was born a woman, a fairly pretty woman from the earlier pictures I've seen of him. For years Buck struggled, forever living as a man but in the body of a woman. He loved to do "guy things" as quoted from his website bio:
"I was always hanging out with guys doing guy things. I loved to drink beer and get into fights, work on cars, and stuff like that. I never felt like a girl and none of my friends ever treated me that way either. I was always percieved as a guy by everyone--even my family. But in those times sex change operations were not really talked about, so I just suffered "in the wrong body" which lead to major drug and alcohol problems."

Buck started working in the adult industry making fetish videos and doing MTF websites. Within a few years time he realized there wasn't any FTM on the internet. In Feb 2003, Buck created as a way to bring FTM porn to a 'mainstream' level. In 2004 Buck wanted to shed light to FTM as not "freak porn" but really porn that people love and get turned on watching so he signed a 12 picture deal with Robert Hill Releasing and made history as the first FTM signed with a major studio. While Buck broke up with RHR in 2006, in 2007 he was named the 2007 AVN Transsexual Performer of the Year, and to quote Buck, "I am a real "PORNSTAR" now. " Read more of Buck's personal bio here.

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