We've been fortunate for the most part out here on the oceanfront. It has been mildly chilly with the occasional off days that are almost 60 degrees. However, these last few days have been frigid. Mid 30's at night may not sound bad, especially when you're from a cold weather state (born & bred Mainer here) but it's not usual for these "Southern" parts. I've had to leave the house in boots and sweaters, I've piled on scarfs and I've made sure to wear my mittens. However, there is a blessing to the cold, it means spending more time indoors. And what have I been doing with all my time spent indoors? I've been exploring my new Power Breeze Clit Bullet from Tabutoys.

I don't own a lot of bullets, for some reason I've never been a fan. Maybe because they're always so hard to hold and that my fingers are numb for a few hours after using one. The Power Breeze Bullet has inspired me to really appreciate them for what they are. However, this bullet isn't your standard bullet... in fact, it's quite the opposite of every preconceived notion you've ever had about bullets. This particular one is large and fat. This really is a monster-sized toy, dwarfing a few 'standard' vibrators I own.

What sets the Power Breeze Bullet apart is that it is 100% waterproof. Yes, I tested this baby out in the bath and the battery compartment was dry as a bone when I opened it up after my splash. Better yet is that this bullet is virtually silent, most waterproof toys I own are obnoxiously loud and the acoustics in the bathroom make them 10x worse, the Power Breeze was discreet with barely audible vibrations. I had to strain to hear them, truly an A plus to BMS Enterprises.

The toy is made out of body friendly plastic with a rubber cote finish. While I'm positive this would mix well with any lubricant (TabuToys sent me a sample of Pjur original that was compatible) the box specifically says to "always use a rubber compatible lubricant with this product". That being said, if you have a great water-based lubricant on hand feel free to go crazy with it but just carefully watch any silicone or oil based lubricants you own in case they end up having a reaction to the coating on the bullet. Unfortunately, the downside about using water-based lubricants in the bathtub is that they wash away almost immediately. The best option is to forgo lube entirely when you're engaging in water play, I tried the toy in the bath sans lube and I didn't miss it. Lube really isn't required (at least for me) with this toy because penetration isn't involved.

The Power Breeze is 6 inches long (making it so absolutely easy to hold with one hand) with a girth of 5 5/8 inches. While I love to insert bullets (the few I've tried), this one was too fat. I tried multiple times to push it inside but the hefty size coupled with the flat, blunt bottom made it an impossibility to fuck myself with it. While I could only use this externally, it was a literal Breeze. It's cordless, the 4 AAA batteries fit inside of the toy as opposed to being contained in a separate battery controller, this makes for easy use. You don't become wrapped up or tangled in cords, you don't have to reach around to increase or decrease settings; instead, all you do is push the button on the top. Once for the lowest setting and twice more for the highest. I preferred the highest setting but only because I LOVE power.

On to the juicy bits, the absolute best part... the ORGASM. I came quick and several times. It was easy, I didn't struggle to get off and for that I love this toy. While the bullet was not powerful as the toy I've been using as of late (the My Miracle Massager) I was able to easily cum with it. The build-up, however, was phenomenal because this bullet has low hum vibrations; meaning that they're deep and resonate beautifully throughout the toy. The only issue I had was that while at first my orgasm felt full and robust, after a few seconds it became shallow. Yes, I came quickly (at first) but I peaked too soon and my orgasm fell just as quickly as it came. I've experienced this in the past with other toys, the only way to get over it (at least personally) is to use less lubricant. My clitoris became slick as well as the surface of the toy and I had a hard time keeping the bullet situated in one spot. I was unable to deliver the firm pressure against my clitoris I needed to ensure a strong, filling orgasm... but while they weren't the big, earth shattering orgasms I was hoping for, I was however, able to orgasm multiple times without stopping. Usually with toys I have to pull them away and give my clit time to rest, I was able to keep this bullet against my clitoris continuously... a feat mastered by few toys.

The Power Breeze Clit Bullet is a high quality toy with powerful, low hum vibrations and a 100% waterproof design- it's a must have for any bullet lover (or convert- like me!) out there. It will most certainly be keeping me warm and busy this Winter season, for the cold front that's coming I'll definitely need to keep some extra batteries on hand.

Offered at TabuToys.com for $46.