All over the web I've been hearing about the GPS equipped lingerie. The first website I found claimed it was a hoax, however, after searching google I've found news websites discussing the voiced outrage amongst the feminist community about this particular apparel. The designers website also shows the item but does not list it for sale online, apparently you can only buy this in their stores. That may not be proof enough to believe it's really out there but I'm certainly buying into the hype.

The feminist community has tagged this as a modern day, high-tech chastity belt. As a way for jealous husbands, scorned stalkers, or curious and questionable people to keep an eye on the woman wearing the set. Reading further into this I just don't see how that's so. You can visibly see the gps device through the see through cami so you won't be taken by surprise to learn that it's there. The wearer is also able to program that gps device themselves, they're even able to turn it off. Why do femisists automatically assume it's another way for men to control women? Yes, an abusive partner can force a partner to wear the set to be tracked but that's just one small part of an abusive relationship. We should be more concerned if she's being locked in basements or beaten daily then if he makes her wear a pair of panties so he can see where she goes shopping. There have been gps devices in cars and cellphones way before there were gps devices in lingerie so if feminists want to play the blame game they should call up Samsung or Ford with their complaints first.

I see it as a way to enhance a relationship. What a great way to have spontaneous sex! Sending text messages back and forth saying "yes, honey, we'll have sex.. but you have to find me first" sounds like a sexual, modern day game of Cat and Mouse. It sounds fun, it sounds inventive, and it sounds like it has the possibility of being a great sexual adventure. Imagine following their little dot through the city or through the neighborhood as they tease you senselessly and then finally catching up with them to have mind blowing sex.

It could even work to strengthen bonds within a BDSM relationship. As a way for a master to keep tabs on his sexy little sub wherever she may be wearing that sexy little lingerie. Some people have even toted the idea of it being a way for women to stay safe; for the wearer to let people know they've gone out and if they don't come back to then use it as a rescue device. I think that's particularly brilliant for women who like to meet people online for sex, etc... you never know who you're going to meet and if your lingerie is a way for friends or police to find you, then why shouldn't you be able to protect yourself that way?

The lingerie is by no means cheap. It runs about $800 to $1,100 and from what I can find is only sold in Brazil. It's not the most attractive lingerie I've seen and the gps device isn't exactly discreet but it's certainly a new idea and proof that technology can either be a deal breaker or a deal maker.