Okay, so I really wanted to put as a title "Here I am, Rock you like a Hurricane".. but then I realized a kitschy song of the past is just way too cheesy, even for me! Okay, so I'm blogging again and it feels nice.. it's been like a month since my last post, maybe more. My husband has been working so much that my sex life as been nonexistent. I forgot having two busy schedules only becomes a problem for us when we want to fuck. As he left for work today he said "We should have sex" and then followed it with "what day is good for you?" lol. My last blog was just about this and how to rekindle the romance. We did on Valentine's Day but haven't since then... I just realized it's been over 2 weeks since we've last had sex. That's insane! God bless dildos, I would be lost without them. Especially now that sex is off limits- I say this because I have my period. I know so many women that don't let a period stop them from continuing with intercourse but it's just too messy for me and I really love my sheets.. I can't imagine them getting stained from crazy, bloody sex!

What a great post this has turned into, I'm talking about female menstruation. lol- there's nothing wrong with that but a lot of men read this and I'd hate for them to feel awkward because I'm talking about something they have no interest in (sorry guys.) There's only one vibrator I use when Aunt Flo has come to visit- my Elise vibe by Lelo. It's not rigid at all, it has a really subtle curve that doesn't make me feel full- because let's face it, even if you're horny chances are you're crampy too. The silicone is really soft and comfortable which makes me happy because my body doesn't scream "HEY! Get this out of me!" The worst part about it though is that it's white. I have to scrub it clean afterwards because I have this freaky fear that it will be stained pink. Wow, so is this blog getting better? Turning my white vibe pink, I'm think I could go off in a lot of different directions here- maybe I should just quit while I'm ahead. ;)

I've been writing a lot more lately. I have a short story going of a privileged girl that runs away and joins the circus... only not so much a child's fantasy but an adult's fantasy. I like where it's headed, it's a cool concept and I hope I can take it further. I love writing erotica, it doesn't require any thought on my part- I just sit down and something comes, always... when writing fiction or nonfiction I have to stop and reassess my goals of the story every 5 minutes- with erotica you know the ending before you start the beginning, so every page you write in between the two is a breeze. All I can say is, keep your eyes open because I'm hoping to post it soon!

I think that's it for today...