Okay, I never expected I'd need a month to move, but it really was more than just moving from a tiny city apartment to a big townhouse in the suburbs.. it was packing and unpacking dozens of boxes, moving heavy ass furniture, and driving a 24 ft moving truck in stop and go traffic. On top of that I had to find time for myself and now I've found my time. Everything is in order, every last box is unpacked, and every piece of furniture is put together and arranged. I can finally breathe! Ahhh! A big sigh of relief. I did have one thing to keep the stress at bay while I was away, the Elise by LELO. Hopefully, the review will be posted soon so I can link it.

God, I've missed reviewing! I've missed blogging just as much. I've gone through some serious withdrawals and have felt SO out of touch with the EF community. I hope all of you have kept yourself satisfied with the other phenomenal contributors and have found some new products that have set your pulse racing. I'm hoping I can make a quick transition back into the world of sex toys and writing so wish me luck!