Why a $25,000 dildo of course! I couldn't believe it when I saw it. I thought it had to be some kind of joke like the sex dolls they make for your pets. I've searched the internet for more information about "The Sunset Crown" dildo and haven't found a thing except where it's offered on SunsetErotica. It says it's encrusted with 69 diamonds to a total weight of 3.85 carats, 32 rubes with a total of 4.86 ct, 2 sapphires with a total of .83 ct, 45 pearls, and 18k solid gold. It unfortunately only has a limited edition number of 10 but I really can't see them selling out too fast. ;) I checked the website and they still have the "Buy Now" button so if any sex toy connoisseur just happens to read my blog be sure to get yours before it's gone.