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There was something about his laugh.... Maybe it was the way his eyes lit up when he fully committed himself to showing his enjoyment of my cheesy joke, or the way his hand caressed mine when we shared a moment, or maybe it was the fact that it felt real. Whatever it was, he had me.

I squirmed in my seat a little as his hand grew increasingly hot in mine. I felt my pulse quicken as I realized this his fingers were brushing against mine and wanted with all my might to pull my hand away so he wouldn't be able to tell I was nervous, but I couldn't bring myself to it. There was something about the strength of his grip, I could sense his want as his calloused palm held mine. I looked up into his face with my wide expectant eyes and a slight grin forming on my lips. I held his gaze for just a moment but it was long enough to let him know my thoughts. He released my hand and pushed out his chair. I waited as he went up to the bar to pay the tab, crossing and recrossing my legs over and over as if to keep my arousal in. I was too excited for words, my pulse had quickened,and my body was moist with sweat. It might have been the alcoholic influence but there was something bubbling inside of me, waiting to burst out.

We ran from the bar and into the street. He was behind me with his hands squeezing my waist as I hailed a cab. The street was alive with neon lights, loud voices, and the sounds of traffic. He was tugging at the waist band of my skirt as we waited for a yellow chariot to come to our aid. The cab slowed to the curb and I climbed in first. As I moved my body across the imitation leather seat I felt his breath on my back of my neck and his hand on the back of my thigh. "30th and 12th" he said as his body got increasingly closer to mine in the backseat. Cabbies were used to the usual horny drunks that poured from the bars. He kept his eyes on the traffic ahead but a few times I saw a curious expression flash across his face.

We kissed with the vigor of teenagers. His lips were soft and supple and his tongue was hot, hard, and probing. Our tongues danced together, our saliva melting from one mouth to the other as our hands tore at each other's backs. He pulled at my shirt and moved his hands to the front of my blouse as I reclined a little on the seat. His moaning was purposeful as he lifted it up to reveal my black bra. My nipples hardened against the silken fabric as his fingers rolled over the seams and he took my hard little bud between his thumb and forefinger and pinched it lightly. His breath was growing increasingly faster as I felt the car lurch to a stop. I stumbled out of the backseat as he fumbled in his back pocket for his wallet. He threw a few dollars at the driver and raced out of the car to meet me on the street. My hair was tangled and my clothes were askew but he came bounding up to me, his hands immediately resting firmly on my ass.

He lifted me up onto the steps outside of his apartment building, my back leaning against the cold steel railing. His knee pushed my legs apart and he leaned his body into mine as his lips once against rested against my lips. I kept my hands firmly on the rail while his were all over me. His fingers moved up and down my body, slightly tugging at my clothes to reveal my steamy flesh. He pulled my hair revealing my tender neck and kissed from my chin to the tops of my breasts. "I can't wait" spilled from my lips in a hushed whisper. I caught myself off guard with how quiet I was, but somehow his sonic hearing had heard my plea and he grabbed my hand and pulled me up the remaining steps. I waited at the door as he felt around for the right key, my eyes studying his every move. Eventually, he was able to steady his hand and turn the key in the lock and I followed him up a flight of stairs. He was panting when we finally reached his floor and he broke into a quick run for his door. I waited once more for him to work the key into the lock and when he finally managed to do so he picked me up and carried me across the threshold.

His apartment was small but comfortable feeling. It was a rare experience to meet a man who was as tidy as me, and looking around the only thing out of place was a stack of newspapers and a stained ceramic mug on his coffee table. He threw me down on his couch before I could take in more of my surroundings and my body settled into the bulky, comfortable leather. He pulled his shirt over his head revealing his flushed, rock hard chest, and fumbled with the zipper of his pants. I parted my legs revealing my pink panties and moist thighs. I reached down with one hand and pulled my thong to the side letting him take in all of me as he managed to pull one pant leg off. His gaze was focused and unchanging as he stared at my naked pussy slowly dripping onto the supple leather. Finally, he had removed all his clothes and moved his body down onto the couch so as his chest was pressing against mine. His lips once more found my neck and his tongue moved over my pale skin as his fingers found their way between my thighs. His hand caressed my flesh as the tips of his fingers probed my pussy. My muscles contracted against the intrusion and I felt my body tense as he rubbed my g-spot.

I gasped for air as I realized I had been holding my breath. I wanted to feel him inside of me, plunging into my wet depths. My eyes flashed, giving away my desire. His body nestled against mine as his wet flesh dampened my clothes so that they clung even tighter to my body. I arched my back as I felt the tip of his erection push against the outer folds of my pulsing pussy. Our eyes locked and I sucked my breath in deeply as he pushed into me with one strong thrust. His hips rocked against me as I lifted my ass to help him slide deeper into me. Every time I slid around on the sticky leather the angle of penetration changed and his dick felt bigger and bigger. I wrapped my legs tightly around him, holding him firmly inside of me, and moved my body in a slow rhythm. The leather rustled underneath our bodies as I cradled his body against mine. I felt my body tensing as he was pushing my body further into the couch cushions.

He wrapped his arms around me and slowly managed himself into a sitting position. I worked my legs so that they were on the outside of his and pressed my chest into his. With his hard hands he unbuttoned my blouse and unclasped my bra, revealing my round, tender breasts. My nipples hardened as soon as they were exposed to the hot air of his apartment. He curved his neck and moved his lips to my breasts......