I don't dedicate myself to the TV but I can't help but tune in when it's time for something sensational to happen. Last night the Sox, who I was bred to love, won the Series! My family's love for the Boston Red Sox goes back generations. My grandmother used to sit in her rocking chair listening to their games on the radio. She knew more about them than anyone I had ever met, and unfortunately she passed away years ago but it wasn't soon enough for her to share her love for them with me.

I remember watching their 2004 World Series win, and those were some fricken awesome games! On Game 1 despite blowing an early lead, the Sox won 11 to 9, setting a new record for the highest scoring World Series opening game. In a somewhat fitting coincidence, their World Series victory on Game 4 came 18 years to the day (Oct 27th) after their loss to the NY Mets in the 1986 World Series, and on the night of a lunar eclipse. As well Renteria, who would make the last out, wore number 3 for the Cardinals, the same number made famous (or infamous) by Babe Ruth when he played for the Yankees. This combination of coincidences convinced many that the "Curse of the Bambino" had finally been vanquished. Also, outfielders Johnny Damon (whose player number was 18 at that time) and Gabe Kapler (whose number was 19) ran to jump into each others arms, and then ran next to each other to jump into the victory pile, in which some fans claim was "1918" fading away.

As far as history goes, the Sox made it yet again this time around! This was the first ever World Series to start on October 24th and the longest
asting four hours and nineteen minutes, Game 3 was the longest nine-inning game in World Series history.

It was truly exciting and another great win for the Red Sox!!!