Before I met my husband I had only ever bought two vibrators for myself, both were severely lame and did little less than please me. When we first started dating it was just him and I and some free condoms given out at his work. I wish we had started building our collection then, but we didn't know what we know now. He used to always be a shy guy, very reserved, and then one day- OOPS! I'm pregnant! lol. He had to go to Japan with his work for 3 months so unfortunately we found out the day before he left. While he was gone I depended on those ridiculous vibrators, what a laugh that was. The last time I used them I ended up throwing them away afterwards, I was so naive that I didn't realize they were pieces of crap!

Things change when you have kids. My hormones fluctuated, my PH levels changed, my muscles relaxed permanently, and my cervix dropped which made my vagina shorter than it ever had been! I went through some really awful changes which drastically altered my sex life. I couldn't get that same pleasure from straight sex that I had been fortunate to attain before I had a baby. It left me feeling broken and depressed.......

Let's fast forward a year when I was invited to a sex toy party. I didn't know what to buy, I was so ignorant, I didn't know what I'd want or what we needed. I really didn't think some silly little electronics could change the way sex felt for me. I went anyway, mostly just to socialize, but I ended up having a really good night! We all had some drinks and flipped through the catalog. I ended up ordering an Eager Beaver, Couples ring, Silicone Plug, and some other little things. The beaver was my first rabbit vibrator. Every time I masturbated it was just with my fingers so this new vibrator dramatically changed my solo play! It was amazing not to have to be able to double click the mouse till my wrist cramped up and my fingers got sore. My husband particularly enjoyed the ring, he's always a little quick but it really held him back plus the bullet made sex so much better for me. I never knew that if I added different elements it could recharge my sex life. I'm completely dependent on them now, whenever I have sex with the hubby I HAVE to have something extra. 99.9% of the time I use the Little Beaver Finger when we have sex. It's the best clitoral stimulator I've come across, it even has this funky little wrist strap so you don't lose the control pack in the heat of the moment! I hate having to manually stimulate myself to reach the big "O", but now I don't have to, I always all these toys willing to do the grunt work for me.

My life went from horribly dull to WOW! There are days however when I miss being able to enjoy just the basics, but we can't go back we can only go forward, and I'm so happy there are companies out there that are more than ready to help me transform my sex life.