I don't know why I love Halloween as much as I do... well, maybe I do know. I grew up poor with a mom that was always working, but every Halloween she'd take the day off for us. We'd go out trick or treating then come home and watch the usual movies. We'd watch Yogi Bear's Halloween, Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin, and then my two absolutely favorites.... Witches Night Out and The Night Dracula Saved the World. We'd sit there watching our shows and eating our candy. All she ever wanted were the junior mints and we were happy to give them because to a kid a breath mint isn't considered a candy no matter how much chocolate it's covered in! I used to give over my Now and Laters, nasty Good and Plenties, Sweet Tarts, and Smarties for any and all of my sister's Reese Peanut Butter Cups and Tootsie Rolls. I used to eat all my candy the first two days I had it, but my sister would save hers for months. Six months later she'd still have her Halloween basket under her bed and and I'd occasionally raid it. I used to always indulge myself, I was physically unable to save it for later. I'm still like that today, there are just some things I have to try right away. Whenever I get my packages from EdenFantasys I have to try out my goodies right away. Seriously, what's the sense in waiting? I can't make myself anticipate the experimentation any more!

I have my night all planned out. Unfortunately, living in a new city this year has ceased the ritual of my husband and I decorating the house. We'd go all out, the Trick or Treater's would love coming to our house, though a few of the younger kids would be too scared to get too close to our skeleton bride that would sing a little song whenever she sensed motion. I remember a pink little Princess with blond curls that had tears streaming down her cheeks because she didn't want to walk up the pathway to our door because she was just too darn scared. My husband had to shut off the skeleton bride and coax her up to our step. It's depressing for me not being able to go all out and deck the halls this year but I'm looking forward to next year when we're in our new place and able to be a little more relaxed about putting our accumulated Halloween treasures out on display.