I can't even tell you all how much I love EdenFantasys. It's a fantastic website! About a year ago I stumbled across it after searching for something new. Most of the sex sites I went to were not girly in the least and did little less than appeal to me. A vast majority of them were geared towards men but EF was so different, it shone as a beacon of hope for this sexual shopper! I was comfortable browsing through it and it was a very pleasant experience. Both my husband and I really fell in love with the variety, the prices, and the FREE shipping.

I love EF so much I'm reviewing sex toys for them. I already have 8 reviews under my belt, and another toy to be reviewed on the way... well, not a toy- A BOX! A sex toy box! I'm thrilled about it, my pussy, while being totally overjoyed with all these new experiences is in dire need of a break. It's an adorable pink box with a corset design. It's so damn sexy and I can't wait till it gets here.

I love reviewing, I get so excited every time I get an email from the editor telling me she's sent me something new. It's become my new addiction and a totally healthy one at that. While my body gets to experience new physical sensations, my mind gets to be stimulated as well. I sit at my laptop and think about how it felt, how it worked, and how well I came... basically, all the good stuff! The best part is sharing my experience. I know how it is to shop online and how you can feel in the dark a lot. I've bought toys before that were SO unlike the product descriptions and have been unhappy on more than one occasion. With the reviewing system, women & men at home can read about experiences and feel more confident in their adult toy purchases. It makes me feel like a bigger piece of the picture because my review might be the reason someone buys a new toy, and that new toy might just change their sex life. It's a lot of responsibility being truthful and thorough, but it's SO worth it.

Be sure to read my most recent review and let me know what you think! ~Sleeping