My mind is constantly working overtime. I usually feel stretched to my limit doing mundane things and I have to do something creative in order to attain the sense of self satisfaction. My husband and I took the time out of our "busy" lives to carve some pumpkins the other night. It took him a half hour...and it took me 2 hours. I'm not very big on perfection, but it was one of the most relaxing things I had done in a long time seeing as my recording equipment is covered in dust. I sort of vegged out, it was really easy to get lost in what I was doing. I suppose it was some form of meditation seeing as I achieved mental clarity, but whatever it was it was nice. I'm going to pop back out tonight and pick up some more pumpkins. I'm looking online for some free Nightmare Before Christmas and Harry Potter patterns but I can't find any, so I might just print off a picture and wing it.

Maybe the best thing about carving the pumpkins was because we did it together. We always share the fun and try to include each other in what we're doing. The great couple thing we're doing together now is being reviewers for EdenFantasys. It's a lot of fun when we try things out because not only do I get my personal experience I also get his opinion as well. He'll tell me how it looked, how my face and body looked, and if he uses it on me he can tell me if it was too hard to use or too heavy to hold. Obviously, I do the same. When it comes to sitting down and writing I like to be left undisturbed, AJ on the other hand is always asking for juicier adjectives and catchier phrases. I love helping him, it's the one time that I don't mind bending over backwards to give him a hand... lol. Creativity is the fuel that keeps me going and it's slowly become his. Our sex life is so much better now too seeing as he's really started to blossom... but I've really come out of my shell too. I've never been very shy when it comes to being bare ass naked, but I now feel a lot more secure in my bedroom abilities and I'm happily willing to keep experimenting with the one I love seeing as we're doing it together.