Everyone has a fear, I suppose mine would be that I'm not interesting. Sometimes I just feel that way. Whenever I'm with people engaged in conversation I wonder if I have anything to add that's worth adding. I've been with my husband for a while now and so far I'm close to running out of stories to tell, everything exciting I ever did has long since been over and done with. I've exhausted all my fascinating tales and when he and I talk, I repeat what I've told him a few too many times before.

So what am I doing to change this? Well, I'm taking a break. I posted on my Myspace that I'll be gone for two weeks. Two great weeks to clear my head and think things over. I want to find a few new hobbies, ones that make me feel interesting. I've gotten into a very comfortable way of life and I need to shake things up, I know I must be full of some surprises. It's all at a very opportune time too, my birthday is on Saturday. I'm not all that excited, I know the only present I'll be getting from my family is a nice night at my favorite restaurant, Bone Fish. I doubt any friends will call this year, we're all getting older and all our priorities have changed. I know I'm too consumed with home life to worry about others, although, I did ship a package of sex toys up to my friend for her bday! I know the favor won't be returned and that's OKAY although a little disappointing.

So I'm not sure what to do with these 2 weeks. I've told everyone that I'll be without a phone or email but that's just because I don't want to be disturbed. I'm currently go through a career change and while I was positive with it at first I learned some things and I'm really regretting my decision. So this little vacation will be spent on both play and work. Maybe I'll watch some old cult classics, mimic the heroines and grasp that same "no bullshit' mentality to make the world worship me. ;)

Oh, and LOTS of sex. I have a whole dresser full of toys and I want to try them out. I've written a few reviews already, which I actually LOVE to do, I think I've found my passion... but I want to write more. I love putting my experience onto paper so maybe I'll do that on my mini-vaca.