I don’t know how many times I get frustrated with my husband because he just doesn’t seem to understand. His answer is always “I can’t read your mind!” And the truth is, no he can’t read my mind, but he can read my body.

Subconsciously we always give a little bit of ourselves away. When two people are together in the bedroom it should be an open experience but there are people that like to close themselves off. Even if they’re trying to remain guarded, little pieces of themselves can slip through and if you know what to look for you’ll be able understand what they’re trying to tell you!

If you’ve been dying to try something new but don’t know how receptive your partner will be, watch them. When talking to them about a new idea, a new position, or something you’ll feel is outside of their comfort zones be sure to overly tilt your head. Tilting your head is a sign of sympathy and is key in trying to convince your partner of your honesty. Be sure to touch them on their arm, it says to them that you want to be close to them. Also be sure to touch them on the waist, neck, or face, it’s a way for them to know that you’re physically attracted to them.

To appear confident to them and feel in control of the situation make prolonged eye contact and hold a strong posture, they’ll know that you’re trying to relay true intentions. Be sure to gesture with your hands, they’ll have two ways to read into what you’re telling them and a better chance that you will not be misunderstood. If you’re not sure that you can naturally gesture with your body or hands, practice in a mirror. When speaking with them direct the most positive gestures towards your partner and direct the most negative ones away from yourself and them. By directing negative gestures away, you are indicating that you wish for no obstacle to stands in the way of your intended message and it will help them to feel less threatened.

When you’re explaining your desire be sure to gauge the distance between the both of you. The farther away from you the less interested they are in what you’re saying. If they try to back away or keep some space between you, don’t push the topic but come back to it another time. Other signs of disinterest are crossed arms, hunched shoulders, brushing their hair out of their face, lowered heads and raised eyebrows.

If you feel you’ve made a breakthrough and you’re finally able to talk to them about what you want, watch their eyes. If they look away while supposedly listening to you, they are thinking about something else. Obviously, what you are saying has not grasped their attention and they have no desire to focus on what you’re trying to tell them. If they say they’re interested but you’re not positive, make sure to check if they look away. If they’re lying to you, they’ll look at you and then look away repeatedly. To know that you’re on the right track they’ll mirror, or mimic your appearance, this is a very genuine sign that they are interested in you and a positive way to tell you’re on the same page. Wide eyes, a subtle smile, wetting their lips, open and wide shoulders, open legs, hands in their pockets or behind their heads are all green lights to continue talking.

Unfortunately, there are always exceptions. Some people's body language are not a true representation of how they feel. This is where your instincts must decide. But being able to read their body language is the next best thing to reading their mind and will help you to better understand your partner. Eventually, they’ll decide to speak with you about your ideas. If you’ve done a good job of fully explaining your intentions, they’ll have a real reaction to share with you. If you’ve opened the lines of communication they’ll be comfortable enough to convey with you their reactions and thoughts.