When you're in a committed partnership it's easy for things to get stale. Whenever I've been in relationships I get comfortable and lose all the excitement that I once had.. I don't think it's uncommon for women to get tired of the lives we lead. We change our minds constantly, we grow, we change, and our tastes mature. It's a shame to be with a man that you're crazy about but not completely sexually satisfied with. It's easy to get, well, BORED!

There are times when life really isn't what we had hoped it to be. After being so tired with the same old same old, I decided I wanted to lead a different life. I wanted to be a different woman, so I changed my luck. I fulfilled my desire to be a wild, sexual deviant. I looked on a few online personal sites, hoping to meet someone different than the same stiffs I had met before. Every guy I had dated were carbon copies of themselves. I needed to step up my game, so when the opportunity came to meet a man about an hour from my home arose I took full advantage of it.

He thought I was from Italy. I faked the accent, the background, and I made sure I hardly talked about myself so my personal stories didn't conflict with each other. I wanted to be someone different. I wanted a casual relationship unlike any that I had ever had before, and I was ready for some adventure. Sometimes we get so bored with ourselves that we'll do anything to mix things up. For a year I was different! Every late night encounter we spent mid-coitus I spoke in a thick accent, I recited a few lines of Italian arias I learned during my last few years of high school, and I moved my body in ways I had never knew I was capable of. I felt completely free and uninhibited.

I would drive to his house late at night and we'd spend hours curled up in front of his wood stove. He put my body in positions that I had never been in before. He was different than any other man I had met, just with his personality alone I would never have had to alter mine. He was formally in the army, joined right out of high school, but decided along the way that it wasn't the life for him. Ten years later he lived in the middle of the woods in a small cabin that was in the shape of a tepee. He worked in construction and it was truly impressive to see this little house he designed to fit his simplistic needs. When he wasn't building or crafting something beautiful for someone else, he took advantage of the beauty God crafted for him. His entire living area had climbing maps, pictures of mountains, and climbing equipment. Rocks were his life. His couch was the backseat that he pulled out of his Volkswagen bus, which we had sex in a few times before. He had electicity but the only things it powered were a few lights, a hotplate, and a radio. He bathed under waterfalls, believed in only putting natural foods into his body, and he had a dog, Dakota, that was part wolf. He reminded me of those men on the PBS nature shows, looked a bit like them too. A modern day hippie of sorts. He was intelligent, and for living such a simple life he really had a fierce grasp on reality. We had great talks, he changed my views on politics, and made me appreciate the world around me just a little bit more.

He was smaller than most men I had dated, I'd say not an inch above 5'6” but his body was hard. His muscles rippled, his skin was tight, and didn't have an ounce of fat on his body. He was a contrast to my form of soft and curvy. We were an odd pair, two very different people. He had a gruff beard, was very hairy, yet I was completely shaved and smooth. He said that's what he loved about me most. I was refined, educated, and sophisticated compared to his natural, hermit ways. I was also 10 years his junior and we lived completely different lives, though 99% of mine was fabricated.

I was never shy with him. He was the first man I ever had anal sex with. He was smaller than my usual choice in lovers, but he knew how to use what he was blessed with. He moved slow, his body easily read mine and mimicked my patterns. He was gentle, his hands were always in the right place. It was an experience that I was happy to share with him. He was slow when I needed a tender lover, and he was fast when I wanted it rough. He would nip, bite, and last for hours.

He took me away from the monotony of my life. Whenever I saw him, I was a black haired beautiful from Verona, Italy. It was only fitting, that's where the play Romeo & Juliet took place, the epitome couple of romance. We saw each other when he wasn't off in other states on climbing adventures, mostly in the winter when the ground was covered in snow. Every time I smell a wood stove I think of him. Every time the air is so cold and thin I can barely breathe, he comes to mind.

Like most people we grew apart. I moved on to a different life and left that beautiful one behind. Like every moment in life that's worth living, we slowly came to an end. I haven't seen him for a very long time, but I last spoke to him two years ago and he never had a clue that I wasn't who I said I was. Maybe, he secretly knew but dared not say because it would spoil the incredible times we had together. I made my own fortune by changing my life. I could act however I wanted and was never embarrassed to try something new. For the few hours we spent with our bodies wrapped around each other I could be the fictional character I longed to be. I took her right off the pages and made her life my own. If I could do it, why can't you?

Sleeping Dreamer